Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Nifty Future 21022018

It opened gap up, within previous day's range just above BRN but got rejected giving a BOF of BRN.  This moved well.  Prices remained range bound and towards fag end gave another BOF of LOD/RN.  This also moved well.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Nifty Future 14022018

It opened full gap up but fell down and found support at PDC.  BOF of PDC appeared good setup but stalled around PDH.  After that it remained range bound.  Towards fag end tried to break HOD/range high but failed and gave nice BOF setup to go short.  "Failure at one end of range extreme led to successful break of other range extreme."

I shared the morning setup with other traders and once feared that it was getting stalled at PDH, we managed to squeeze maximum juice out of it.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to follow price action and benefit from it

Successful DP trading is never just putting DPs on charts and taking trades around those DPs on BOF or BPB setup.  If it was that easy, every Tom Dick and Harry would have been making money with it.  Successful DP trading requires us to put efforts on reading prices, interpreting it, understanding what exactly is going on there and then finding proper way to follow the prices. Also we will need to wait patiently for proper trade setup to develop, often skip mediocre setup, lose less on loss making trade and make maximum out of the winning trade.

As you are aware, everyday I share charts with marking of good setups only but today I decided to make an effort to demonstrate my way of reading the price action.  So here I am sharing how I tried to read price action, follow it and benefit from it.

Intraday Charts of Nifty Future dated 8th Feb, 2018.

Below are chart snapshots taken at important price levels with reading of price action.  (click on charts to zoom)

Chart 1:  Soon after market open.

It opened with gap at BRN 10500.  Larger timeframe trend was down, so we can expect it to move towards PDC or PDL after open.  But it did opposite of that.  Instead of going down, it reversed and broke BRN 10500.  Now breaking out of BRN and sustaining above it turned bias into positive.  Also prices were at this point trading above all 3 DPs, i.e. PDC PDL BRN which means prices are going up only.

So now with the prices confirming positive bias, we can look to go long and for that ideal setup here would be BPB of BRN after first pull back.  Lets see if that happens and allows us to enter.

Chart 2:

As you can see, it is now giving us first pull back and our ideal BPB setup, but it does not make sense risk reward wise to enter here as prices have already moved away a lot from the BRN.  So it will not allow us to hide our SL at our comfort level.  Hence, letting go such setup will never harm us.

Chart 3:

Chart 4:

It moved a lot in one direction and made an attempt to break BRN 10600, but failed.  Now trading this BOF of BRN for a short trade is not an ideal setup due to following reasons.  1) Prices rarely reverse in V shape when they move strongly like this.  2) After such directional move, there is always more likelihood of prices remaining range bound rather than reversal.  So lets better wait for the range to develop here.

Chart 5:

Chart 6:

Chart 7:

Now here BRN 10600 is acting as a barbed wire.  We need to wait and allow the prices do something at range extremes and/or PDH for any good setup to occur.

Chart 8:

Now when we wait for the setup to occur, lets analyze possible order flow above range high and PDH.  You might be aware of the fact that higher timeframe traders would tend to dominate at such good location.  Also last time when the prices hit the same location they dominated and sold it off.  Hence this time around we can expect the same to happen.  If they continue to dominate, prices may find it difficult to get accepted above PDH and give us BOF setup to go short.  On the other hand, with this consolidation, it may have gathered strength to break the level.  Also if higher timeframe traders give up here, the breakout may turn out to be furious.  In that case, BPB of PDH is the setup to go long. It does not matter to us as a trader which party wins and takes the prices away from here.  Our job is to wait and let the prices make us clear who is winning.  Once we know who is winning, we will be able to join them.

Chart 9:

Chart 10:

Day timeframe traders made an attempt to break going with the intraday trend/bias but larger timeframe traders came there and absorbed all the order flow, making prices to go below important trade location.

Chart 11:

Now lets join the winning party and short at break of MSP or upon crack of BRN 10600.

Chart 12:

It moved nicely and yielded a lot by reaching to the target level.

Hope I could demonstrate properly how I read the prices with valid reasoning behind trade setups.  If you want to trade successfully with this wonderful trading method, start your learning with Champion Day Trader video tutorial.  You will learn a lot like how to gauge strength and weakness of the price move, how to identify trading timeframe trend and bias and confirm it, how to draw correct established ranges and different ways to trade them, how to confirm acceptance and rejection of price, how to use volatility in our favor, how to use volume correctly, how to read order flow, when to skip the setup, when to scratch, where to book and hide SL, and lots and lots more.  It will cost only a profit of one single small trade which I showed here.  Go ahead and grab it before it is too late.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Nifty Future 06022018

Markets have become super volatile over the past few days and today was no different.  First valid setup for a short trade was BOF of 10400 but difficult to trade given the straight move and volatility.  Better setup appeared once prices successfully broke out after consolidation as marked.

Friday, 2 February 2018

This is how we captured 125 points in Nifty Future today

Today was a day following Union Budget day yesterday.  After a major event like Budget, it has been observed that markets tend to take a directional move.  With this knowledge and after the gap down open, there was no hesitation to short the market at the break of morning low as marked in the chart.

Short was taken on break of 10926 and covered fully at 10800, hence captured more than 125 points.

It was possible for all who trade with me to make big money on a day like today.  Here are the screenshots of my paid Telegram channel.

I always give timely messages for entry along with all the required levels as well as manage the trade to the best of my ability to maximize gain or minimize loss whenever possible.  Normally we close the trade at the target levels in the morning session, but today was a special and it was possible to trail SL and wait till end of the day to maximize profit.

I have been putting all my genuine efforts not only to educate traders but also to help them with trade execution and trade management by hand holding like this and allow them to benefit from my years of experience, so that they can learn how to successfully trade as well as make some money too.

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Saturday, 27 January 2018

This is how a trader starts to earn from intraday trading

As you very well know in recent past I shared success stories of Kiran, Vivek and Jimit with their real ledger reports which might have motivated you and made you believe that profitable trading is possible.  With one more success story today, once again I am sharing with all of you, a real P&L ledger report of a trader.  He has allowed me to publish his ledger report without revealing his identity, so I am not able to put his name here.  He approached me in the month of August 2017 for proper training on day trading with his mail.

As you can read in the mail, he left his job and wished to pursue trading as a career.  I was ready to help him with this.  I gave him an access to my video tutorial "Champion Day Trader" and asked him to go through this tutorial at his own pace and comfort.  He took around couple of months to properly grasp all the contents of video tutorial and did some practice as suggested under my guidance.  At the end of October 2017, he said he was ready to start trading with this new knowledge and was able to arrange capital of around Rs. 60000 for day trading.  I gave him green signal to go ahead with 1 lot only.  I suggested him to copy my trades for initial couple of months.  Trading like this with my support boosted his confidence and conviction a lot.  Initially, there were some issues with trade execution and controlling his emotions while trading.  However, with some tips and guidance and motivation he did well and finally asked my permission to trade on his own starting January 2018.  As he was progressing well, slowly and gradually, I felt it was the right time for him to start trading independently.  To be on the safe side, I asked him to keep sharing his charts with the reason behind taking the trades at end of the day daily.  He agreed to it and followed all my instructions.  Just yesterday on Republic day he shared his profit & loss report from the broker which I am sharing with all of you here.

As you can see, he has been able to manage the risk well as he restricted his daily loss to less than Rs. 5000 in a single day.  He never over traded.  He was able to remain disciplined in trading.  The end result is, he has made net profit of Rs. 28285 in just 3 months of trading with only one lot.  Now he knows the secrets of profitable trading and I am sure and fully confident that for rest of his life he will trade for profits only.

Lot of traders look for "free education" on trading but he was different.  He knew the importance of proper education, so despite his financial constraints he never hesitated to spend little money on acquiring it.  With this positive attitude, not only he recovered his money that he spent on education but also made some money.  Now for rest of his life, he will just need to build on this strong foundation and excel in trading.  Truly speaking, sky is the only limit for him now.

If you are struggling in trading, you can also do wonder like this. I assure you I will put all my efforts and share all the knowledge and experience that I have in order to help you succeed in intraday trading.  You can take the help of video tutorial to get properly trained and start trading with my assistance right away.  I can be reached at for more details.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Nifty Future 25012018

Expiry day.  There was one good setup to short after the TRAP pattern and it moved well.  In later half of the day, there was some volatility as expected so difficult to trade such volatile moves.