Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Bank Nifty Future 12102017

It tried to break out PDL in morning but failed and after that traded in a narrow range for most part of the day.  Once the Indusind Bank quarterly results got announced, it made an attempt to break the range and the breakout turned out to be successful.  A BPB of HOD/Range High/BRN was a good setup to go long.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Real P&L for September 2017 Stock Future Trading

Today, once again it gives me immense pleasure to share with all of you 100% real P&L report of September 2017 for trading in stock futures in morning session.  It was shared by Vivek who has been trading with me for last one and half months.

Total gross profit for September month is Rs. 25701 from trading only one lot and spending only couple of hours a day.  This was his first full month of trading and he was able to catch all trades.

Now to make it easy for you to compare his trades with my calls, here is my call performance.

There is a difference of Rs. 15000 between my call performance and Vivek's gross profit which is mainly due to slippage cost while entering and exiting out of the trade.  Regarding slippage cost, it is something we cannot avoid in trading.  So I advised him to try to adjust the slippage while exiting out of trade whenever possible and he tried his best to do it and got fantastic results.  I congratulate him for this achievement.

Last month, if you remember, I shared with you Kiran's P&L report where he also got almost same results from trading with one lot.  All these should give enough confidence that if someone is able to trade with 4 lots, earning 1 lakh per month by spending only couple of hours a day is just a cakewalk.

Please note that the only purpose of sharing all these is to demonstrate you that money can be made from short term trading with proper discipline and risk management.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Reversal Setup Trade in Hindpetro

Today I took my morning trade in HINDPETRO.  It was a good reversal setup to trade.  More details are here.

1) Was in established downtrend for last many days and today opened with CT full gap, along the same lines of Nifty.  This was the first sign of reversal.
2) After the open, it got comfortably accepted above PDH and gave a successful follow-through confirming the short term reversal.
3) There was a positive news flow which provided fuel in the fire.

An entry was taken above 422.85 with the target of 426.20.  As an end result, 2R (1:2 risk reward) target was met in less than 15 mins.

As you all know, I started stock trading service to help other fellow traders. This trade setup was shared with all others well in advance who are part of it. Also happy to share, as usual, a call performance for this month ended with big profit of 40K+ per one lot.

Now I have decided to stop accepting new members for stock future trading service.  So please do not send me any request related to that.  I will like to continue only with those who are already a part of it, willing to take risk and believe in me as a day trader.

Nifty Future 29092017

It opened CT full gap up and there was a follow through.  After that it consolidated for a good amount of time.  A direct BO above this consolidation could have been tried which moved well.  A fall from the top was difficult to catch.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Nifty Future 26092017

After 2 consecutive big down days, today expected it to take some rest and consolidate.  It did exactly the same and remained range bound and provided opportunities to fade the range extremes as marked on the chart.

In fact, markets have behaved exactly as expected this month.  Read it here.  On daily time frame it got rejected from upper range extreme and now approaching lower range extreme.  Lets see what it does there.