Thursday, 19 July 2018

Bank Nifty Future 19072018

It opened within previous day's range and soon broke out below PDL.  It presented BPB of PDL setup, but there was lack of follow-through and it reversed.  I avoid back-to-back trade, else it turned out to be a good BOF setup to go long.  In noon time, an attempt to break above BRN 270000 failed but again prices refused to move and remained range bound around BRN.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Mid month review

(Click on image to zoom)

Here is the performance review of July 2018 till date.  I have put both kind of results.  What happens if we book out at predefined target levels and what happens if we don't book out at target and let it run for more profit trailing SL.  It clearly shows benefits of holding on to the winning trades for more time as per guidelines discussed in recent post instead of booking out at predefined target levels.  Trades and entry levels are same, but 3 times more profit is generated by just letting winners run.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Nifty Future 12072018

It opened full gap up and broke important BRN 11000.  There was a good BPB setup to go long as marked.  This moved well.  In afternoon it reversed from a random level and did not allow any short trade setup.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Make profits larger and losses smaller

Few weeks back, I made a post discussing how letting our winners run is the only way to make money from the markets.  Click here to read it.  I also took an effort to make a post formulating guidelines on how we can let our winners run and shared intraday charts of the trades where we could have followed those guidelines and made lot of money.  Now from this July month onward I have started to implement the strategy of making profits larger and losses smaller in all my stock future trades following guidelines as discussed in earlier post.  Click here to read those guidelines.

I have made following preparations in order to achieve my goal of making profits larger.

  • Selected a broker, SAS Online.
  • Funded a trading account with the capital of Rs. 75000.
  • Will use bracket and cover order facility whenever necessary to leverage.
  • Keep max risk per trade less than Rs. 3500.
  • Limiting max number of loss making trades per day to 1.
  • Initiate trade only in morning session of the day.
  • For stock futures, let the winning trade run as per guidelines.  For Index futures, book out at target levels.

Now let's have a look how trades are performing this month.  First is a simple excel sheet showing number of trades, stock name, entry and exit levels.

These trades are never paper trades.  These all trades were shared live in Telegram app well in advance so that other traders can copy these trades and benefit.  Also I am going to share here broker's ledger report to give you further confidence in day trading (will share only for this current month).

Markets have been very generous this month and already have given 3 super winners. Now with the quarterly result announcement of listed companies this month, I hope there will be more number of such winners.

With proper understanding of markets, risk management and discipline, it is possible to earn monthly income from day trading with small capital.  If you are really serious about day trading, you can learn how to day trade successfully with my video tutorial and mentoring program.  If you already have developed a trader's mindset and you want to trade with my help like this, you can join my paid Telegram trading group and achieve the goal of "make profits larger and losses smaller" with me.

Mail me to   or   ping me in Telegram to  @Chart_Technicals for more information.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bank Nifty Future 04072018

There were two good setups.

1) BPB of PDL.  It opened within previous day's range and soon broke PDL.  Looking at the good momentum on downside, there appeared BPB of PDL setup.  But it did not get follow through.

2) Pressure Play Setup:  Read more about pressure play setup by clicking here.

(click on chart to zoom)

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Nifty Future 03072018

It opened within previous day's range at PDC and moved higher towards PDH BRN.  It did breakout PDH but lacked momentum and formed a narrow range.  There was a good BOF setup to go short at PDH BRN but again prices refused to move and created a barbwire.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Nifty Future 02072018

It opened at PDH BRN but got rejected quickly.  BPB of PDC was the setup to go short.  In noon time, it took support at BRN PDL and reversed in V-shape.  Both these setups are per the system but difficult to execute.