Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bank Nifty 28032017

Traded in Bank Nifty today.  Attempted a direct BO above range high as marked.  It moved in favor, but followup was not there and it ended as scratch.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Nifty Future 27032017

It opened counter trend full gap down.  Hesitated to short on BPB and missed it.  Later attempted direct BO.  It did not move much and yielded little.  After that it consolidated again.  Expected a failure at range high which did not happen and prices reversed without allowing an entry.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Guidelines on improving your earnings through ClixSense

ClixSense is No.1 PTC site . It is 100% legit. You should not pay even a penny for this. Everything is totally free. There are many ways to earn through ClixSense.

To save your precious time of few weeks for exploring more details and help, I am going to give you most useful guidelines regarding signing up, things that you need to take care, some tips to earn money, and some general guidelines.

To start earning money, if you have not yet signed up, click here to sign up as a member for free with ClixSense.  Also sign up with Payza, Crowd Flower as a contributor and Facebook.  Use the same personal details in all 4 of these accounts. Use same email ID for all 4 of them.  While registering with Payza which is a payment gateway and will transfer your earned money to your bank account, make sure you give your name, address and bank details as per your bank account.  If Crowd Flower asks for Paypal account details, provide the same too.

Keep in mind always that only one person per house signs up.  If more than one person per house tries to become a member of ClixSense, they will suspend the account and you will never be able to earn money through them.

You will earn money in US dollars the following way by being a member of ClixSense:

By clicking ads:
You can click ads and you can earn easily up to $0.02 per ad. You will get fixed number of ads to click daily.

By completing surveys:
You can earn up to $2 per survey. You will have to complete your survey profile on a survey page. Once you complete and submit your profile on survey page, you will get invitations to complete different surveys daily. Sometimes you will be disqualified for completing the survey initially but never lose hope. You will be able to complete it after few weeks of experience.

While creating your survey profile, always be honest and give right answers.  What happens is that the system will keep crosschecking you and your profile while you are filling up the surveys.  If you give wrong answers that are related to your profile, they will catch you and disqualify you for that particular survey.

By completing offers:
ClixSense provides offers like download apps ,play games etc.on a daily basis and you can earn by doing so also.

By doing micro tasks:
It is the most important part of earning. There are plenty of micro tasks available.  Crowd Flower is the company which provides these micro tasks. You can complete these tasks and earn big money. You will have to prove your ability to do it by attempting a small quiz and that too is also very easy. You will be starting out at 0 level. After completing 10 different jobs, 100 test questions with overall 70% accuracy, you will be promoted to level 1. At this level you will be able to do many tasks and earn fast.

Remember, at level 0 you will get fewer tasks. Possibly once or twice a week, but you have to be alert and keep checking the task page every now and then for available tasks and do them carefully. By doing the tasks this way, within a month you will reach to level 1.  At level 1, also ensure that you regularly complete your checklist to get bonuses.

After getting level 1 you can get level 2 easily in 3-4 days. And afterwards level 3 which is the highest level. And that is it.  Now you can earn money very fast.  They pay per task anywhere from $0.01 to $1.

For doing these tasks, it is mandatory that you sign up with Crowd Flower as a contributor. It is also totally free. I would also suggest you to also sign up with Facebook with the same email ID that you used to sign up with Crowd Flower.  In short, use same email ID for everything, for Clix Sense, Payza, Crowd Flower and Facebook.  Note that the Crowd Flower is the company which provides the tasks to Clix Sense so to complete these tasks on Clix Sense, it is required for you to be also a member of Crowd Flower.

This is a type of game. You have to just click and if you are lucky you can win up to $10.

By creating your referrals you will be rewarded by ClixSense and that way will be able to make some money. You will get certain percentage of the earnings from your referrals. So it is always better, you try to get more and more referrals to improve your earning.

I would like to suggest you to visit the forum page on ClixSense every day.  On the forum page, you will get all the help related to doing the tasks, surveys etc.

Premium member:
If you want to earn more, you can also become a premium member of ClixSense.  They will give double bonus to their premium members and some other benefits.  They will charge $17 per year if you want to become a premium member.  It is not mandatory.  If you want to earn more, this is just one of the ways for that.

Getting your money back into your bank account.
Minimum requirement for the cash out is $8 and for premium member it is $6.  Once you earn that much, put a request for cash out.  They will then process your request and transfer your earnings to Payza.  You will need to again put a request to Payza to claim your earnings into your bank account. Payza will then honor your request, convert the dollars into the rupees and within few days your bank account will get credited.  Make sure that you upload the copies of all necessary documents like Pan Card, address proof, bank account details to Payza.

Again, ClixSense is very regular in paying money.  There will not be any delay.

Remember, you will require to be extremely patient for the initial 1-2 months.  In the beginning, your earnings will be very low.  It is normal.  Once you gain some experience by doing the tasks regularly again and again, your earnings will start to improve and after few months you will be on your way to earn Rs. 10,000 per month and more by working for 3-4 hours only in a day.  You will always have the liberty to work at your own time and pace. Try to scatter your working hours, for example 1 hour in early morning, 1 hour in afternoon, 1 hour in evening and 1 hour in late night.  There will be some tasks that you become master of and will be able to complete very fast and grow your earnings.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Earn easily Rs. 25000 per month

Today in this post I am going to show you the most easiest and legitimate way to earn Rs. 25,000 and more per month without much efforts.  Yes, you can earn Rs. 25,000 and more if you have internet connected PC or laptop or a smartphone and funds of approximately Rs. 1,50,000.  That is it.

As you all are aware, I am a full time day trader, making my living out of trading.  As a trader, at some point in my life, I felt a need of some sort of good part-time income to keep me going and that need forced me to look for alternate legitimate ways to earn money.  In the same direction, I made a small post on this topic How to plan day trading for living.  I hope it would have helped you get prepared for taking up this day trading profession.

Now I am going one step further and share with you another legitimate way of earning Rs. 25,000 per month with minimum effort, time and capital requirement.

Let me help you earn Rs. 25,000 per month:

1) As a follower of this blog, I assume you are involved with stock markets in some way or other, investing and trading and you have a primary knowledge of it.  You can make use of this primary knowledge of the markets.  As you might be aware of, Indian markets are currently in long term bull market and will likely remain in this bull market for next 10 years at least.  There are lots of different reasons for that, lot of analysts world over have written a lot about it and this is what I have kept on hearing from all the media sources over the last 10 years.  So rather than remaining in the denial mode, it will be better for us if we accept this fact and try to benefit from that.

In bull markets the most easiest way to make money is by participating in the IPO/FPO.  Normally what happens is that lot of companies try to enter into the markets with issuing IPOs, My experience says that there will be both kind of IPOs, good ones and bad ones, but by and large majority of the IPOs are good ones and they generate a lot of wealth for the investors. Over the last one year, I have made a lot of wealth by investing in recent IPOs like RBL Bank, Mahanagar Gas, Thyrocare, CPSE ETF, and the latest being D-MART. All rewarded well and in fact DMART doubled the money on listing day itself.

Now lets focus on how we can generate a steady flow of income by participating in these IPOs/FPOs.

The existing system requires us to invest Rs. 15000 per IPO per demat account and we will do that only.  Never apply for more than 1 lot in each IPO,  To earn a sizable income what we need to do is to get access to a demat account of all the family members,  friends and relatives that we can trust. Around 10 demat accounts are required.  Self, spouse, parents, grandparents, in-laws, couple of friends and few relatives will easily get us that number.  Remember less than 5% of the population in India has demat accounts so there is a good chance that most of the people around you are without the demat account. Next step will be to keep Rs. 15000 in each bank account linked with those 10 demat accounts. These demats can be the new or the dormant ones.  Now we are ready and just need to wait for the good IPO/FPO to hit the markets.  Try to watch news regularly, visit the financial sites and follow some experts of this subject. This will help us weed out the bad IPOs and participate only in the good ones using our own judgement and wisdom.

Once the good IPO hits the market, go ahead and apply through all 10 accounts.  There will be good chance of getting an allotment in at least 3 of the accounts even if it gets subscribed multiple times. Now lets assume we take part in around 12 IPOs every year and in these IPOs the luck favors only 3 demat accounts for the allotment. If each allotment makes on average 30% of returns(which is bare minimum looking at the history) on day of listing, it will help us earn Rs. 15,000 per month like this,

Total 12 IPOs.  3 allotments per IPO will require us to invest Rs. 45,000 (15,000 x 3) per IPO.

30% of listing return on Rs. 45,000 = Rs. 13,500 of earning per IPO.

12 IPOs x Rs. 13,500 = Rs. 1,62,000 a year or Rs. 13,500 per month..

There is only one time effort of opening a demat account for the family members and linking it with online net banking. ASBA facility is excellent.  Funds remain in bank account and only get debited upon allotment. After that just need to be active on the day of IPO and its listing for few minutes.  That is it and you are on your way to earn around Rs. 13,500 per month with just primary knowledge of markets and small capital of Rs. 1,50,000.  If I add the interest income of this fund when it is sitting idle in the account, per month income will come around Rs. 15,000.

You can also share some of the gains with your family members whose demat you are using and make them happy too.

2) Another legitimate way of earning around Rs.10,000 per month or more from the comfort of your home is by being a member of a good PTC site and spending few hours of free time on it.  What you will be ultimately doing is that you will be visiting websites, clicking ads, taking part in surveys and contests and doing simple micro tasks.  Doing this simple thing where you won't require to use your brain much can earn you easily Rs. 10,000 per month or more.  There are people who earn more than Rs. 50,000 per month.

The only good legitimate PTC site that I know of and a member of is ClixSense.  It has been in existence since year 2007 and has paid millions of dollars to its members on time. It is totally free. Not a single penny is required to spend to be a member of it.  Initially, for first month you may feel you are not earning enough.  It is designed that way, but stick to it, never give up and continue.  It is just a matter of few months before you start earning big.  Most of the tasks are repetitive and your speed and accuracy will improve only by doing them again and again.

Click here to Sign up with them and earn extra cash online. All it requires is few hours of your time. That is it.

After signing up with them, also sign up for a free PayZa account to get your earnings into your bank account back in India.

Click here for some guidelines on earning through ClixSense.

Now you know how easily you can earn a big income of Rs. 25,000 and more, and I hope this will surely bring a big smile on your face.  You can now focus on learning the trading and gaining experience in the markets without worrying about your monthly finances.  Remember, if you ensure your survival in the markets, one fine day markets will also reward you and you will be on your path to become a wealthy, successful trader.

Please share this post with as many people as you can, online or verbally or personally contacting them, making them aware of this.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Stock Trading 24032017

All were long trades.  Today banking sector was on fire due to some positive news flow.  I tried to take advantage of that with our trading system.  ICICI Bank rewarded handsomely.  Union Bank and NMDC missed the target by a bit and ended as scratch.

Trading with 1 lot stock futures today would have made total profit of Rs. 3200.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nifty Future 23032017

It opened gap up within yesterday's range.  It was very apparent that it was getting resisted at range high where there was a confluence of origin of significant move plus high volume node.  The attempted short refused to move and ended as a scratch.  Once the prices started getting accepted above range high, attempted a BPB long trade which yielded good.

Little bit on how I read the prices:

Micro trend in a decline mode, opened gap up.  Now this gap up should get sold by the aggressive sellers in the morning which did not happen as it refused to break the initial low at 10 am and gap remained unfilled. This was the first sign of weakness in the bears/sellers.  After that it kept on hitting the resistance zone without giving away too much.  Another sign of weakness of sellers and buyers gaining strength. Finally buyers won the battle and were able to break the resistance successfully allowing us to join the winning party and benefit from it.

Stock Trading 23032017

It is 10:30 am now and I am done with my trading the stocks.  Took 3 trades, there was a short trade in TVS Motors and others were long trade.

If traded with futures minimum quantity, profits would have been Rs. 3700. In TVS it just missed the target by 20 paisa and I had to exit some time after that.  Same happened with Divislab.  The target was 646 and it touched 645.

In Nifty or Bank Nifty, there was not any trade setup.  This is what typically happens while we trade the indices.  In the morning session very few days out of the month we will be able to trade them.  Whereas there are plenty of stocks moving big in the morning everyday.  This was one of the reasons selecting this first couple of hours of trading to trade stocks.  As a full time trader, we need to utilize every hour of trading.  We will make money only if we take trades.  Hope you got my point.