Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Today's Trading Journal

1) The initial fall of about 75 pts was too fast and unexpected.  However, it was BO of low of last five trading days.

2) BOF of RH.  This was a wrong trade.  See the origin of the move, it was BOF of range low.  BPB of Range High was a better trade.  Here critical mass would get trapped which was on the short side from morning.
See how that BPB trade worked.

3) BOF of MSP/Range Low. It was a good trade.

4) BOF of PDL/BRN/NS RN. It was also a good trade.

5) BOF of LOD/RN.  Entered above pin bar high.  It did not move as expected.

Trades by ST from Nifty Nirvana.


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