Friday, 2 May 2014


Today's Trades

I was busy in morning.  In afternoon took two trades.
1) BOF of Low of the Day.
Reason to take trade:  No selling momentum, made three failed attempts to break the LOD at that time, critical mass was on short side, thought BOF of MSP will trap them.
Ended as a minor loss.
2) TRAP.
Reason to take trade:  Just a TRAP pattern.
Ended as a scratch.
Now after reviewing the trades, it seems like this could have been avoided.  Reasons, no selling momentum, pin bar (entry bar) indicating no order flow below it.

For comparison, trades done by ST from


  1. URD

    Nice initiative.
    It will help you to get the thought process right.
    I have no objection in using my charts. But it is not the right way to do it.
    You have to compare your trades with "Ideal Trades" in hind sight.After market you analyze the charts and find out the ideal action. Then compare what you have done with it.Everyday you have to post two charts real and ideal. Then only you can improve.
    We are all work in progress.Do not consider my trades as ideal ones.


  2. Thanks a lot ST. Yes, I agree that will be the better way to go. Will try to do that way.