Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Nifty opened below PDC within previous day closing range.  IR formed.
1) BO of IRL.  Usually, I avoid direct BO but took this BO because of PP, though it was a low probability. I was aware of the Space.  PDL was close.  I thought if it breaks IRL, SL triggering will take it to PDL/BRN and there may be further SL triggering below PDL. However, it failed to go further down.  Covered at 8 points of profit above micro swing high.
2) BOF of LOL PDL/BRN and IRL. Went long above range high.  There was a MSP above it.  It got resisted at MSP.  Scratched it at pullback swing low. Loss of 2 points.
3) BOF of LOL PDL/BRN.  Again went long above swing high and flip zone. Then there was a deep pullback to the flip zone.  I feared my SL will hit but it proved to be a strong flip zone and gave support. However, it remained in the range. Covered it at a profit of 8 points.


  1. Sir
    I have started using MT4 chart. Is it possible to reduce the gap between the candles?

    1. SK
      You can zoom in and zoom out the chart using + and - keys. I don't know anything about reducing the gap between candles.

  2. Sir,
    Thanks for your guidance.