Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Nifty opened below PDC and initial range formed.
1) BPB of PDH PDC:  It moved well.  Booked when it got resisted at NS BRN.  Profit of 25 points.
2) Again BPB of PDH PDC RN on short side:  It did not move as expected.  Booked at 8 points loss.
3) TRAP:  Here my target was PDL but it did not go there and got supported at NS BRN 7600.  Booked at 12 points of profit.


  1. Davebhai,

    Why u avoided IRL and RN failure longs above 12.39.. ?


    1. Bharat

      I had just booked out my second trade at loss around that point. I usually wait out, take a break for some time after taking the trade. I need some time to clear out the mind and start the thought process again. I miss lot of trades because of this reason. For example, I missed BOF of BRN 7700 because I had the booked the long trade around same time.

      UR Dave