Friday, 13 June 2014


Nifty opened at PDC and initial range formed with PDH and PDC within the range. It traded within this range for around 3 hours before breaking out on lower side.
1) BO of IRL with entry below RN:  Covered around PDL when I felt it was not going below BRN.  Profit of 36 points.
Missed the BPB of BRN as I had just booked the short trade. There was a very fast move to RN 7550.
Avoided the TRAP as at that point it had already fallen around 130 points from top and expected some consolidation there.


  1. Hi URD,

    How to setup 3 min chart in Strategy tester? I am able to do in live chart but i dont know how to fix it in Strategy tester. Please guide me. Thanks in advance.


  2. Arunkumar

    It is the same as we do for live chart.

    Open strategy tester, select nifty and M1 chart. Tick visual mode and untick optimization. Select desired time period. Click on Start. Once it start playing, on M1 chart insert the period converter indicator. Do the changes in properties of period converter as usual and open M3 chart. Once M3 chart gets open, go back to M1 chart and edit the period converter indicator. Under visualization, untick the "show in the data window". Now again go to M3 chart and click again the "start." You are done. It will now play bar by bar in M3 chart.

    Let me know if still any issues.

    UR Dave

  3. sir just got demo ac mt4... how to ad nifty 3min & how to make my chart to look like yours... please help...

  4. Dhatta Adiga

    Go through this post and follow all the steps as mentioned in the post.

    UR Dave