Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Nifty gaped up about 23 points at PDH.  First candle acted as MC.  Did not go for short below the MC as bias was up. Initial range formed.
1)  BPB of PDH RN.  Went long above the high of first candle (MC). It got rejected.  Booked loss of 7 points.
Did not attempt any counter-trend trade.  I feel there were two opportunities to buy at range low as marked on the chart.  Hesitated to go long there and missed them.
Used my broker's chart today as there was some problem updating the GCI MT4 chart in late afternoon.


  1. Dear U R Dave,

    Thank you for such a nice method of trading intraday. I used it for the first time since Friday, and by today I could make three trades, all profitable.

    Just was curious, how you got two days data on ventura pointer chart? I am also having ventura pointer, but the drawback is that we can see only today's data. This results in one being not able to watch gaps between close and open.

    If you can throw some light, then it would be useful.


    1. ITradeForProfitDaily

      Nice trades. We thank ST for this wonderful method.

      You would need to download "New Pointer" from their site www.ventura1.com. I am using the New Pointer.