Monday, 25 August 2014


Nifty opened near PDH/PDC and broke the PDH in its initial move up
1)  BPB of PDH/PDC.  Went long above RN as it was very close.  It did not move much and in a kind of complex pull back hit my initial SL.  Loss of 9 points.
2) TRAP.  It was moving well, but I had to close my position around noon time, so booked it at 8 points of profit.
No other trades in the morning session.

In hindsight, it appeared the break of Range Low was a very good opportunity to go short.  If taken, could have been trailed to PDL successfully.


  1. Trade 2: price moved 15 points before you entered. Where was your initial SL? Was an earlier entry possible?

  2. DM

    It was not an actual trade. It was analyzed in hindsight.

    As it was a BO trade, one can scratch it immediately once it comes back into the range and settles or the extreme of BO bar as the SL, as per the risk. You should never allow for the full SL at the other end of the range.