Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Nifty opened full gap down about 18 points but did not go further down.  Waited for the BPB of PDC to go long which did not come.
So no trades today in the morning session.

Then it remained in the narrow range most of the day between IRL and PDC.  Finally it broke down below IRL but not moved much and came back into the range. 

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  1. hi i will trade only nifty(may be till next 1 or 2 years) , but im planing to add 1 more instrument in future.
    i want to add an instrument now and study its nature of movement wen nifty is not moving(mid session) and
    so anyone suggest one futures instrument which move independent of nifty i.e it should give trade oppurtunities wen nifty in
    1 consolidation. 2 .at mid session hours. 3 expiry
    may be like forex or commodities and may be crude oil or may be other NSE index futures?