Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Today Nifty opened at PDC and soon gave BOF of PDC and PDL.  Waited for it to cross RN above before taking the BOF trade as expected some consolidation there.
1) BOF of PDC/PDL on downside.  Entered below IRL.  Covered on FTC below BRN 8000. Profit of 13 points.
 2) TST of PDC/PDL. There was not much momentum.  Booked it when it seemed like it was not breaking BRN.  Profit of 12 points.

No other trades in the morning session.  There was some action in the latter half of the day, I think because of expiry tomorrow.  I do not have access to live news.


  1. Replies
    1. xrtrader

      Thanks. Just experimenting with few things. Wanted to make the chart image more bigger. Please keep giving your feedback for its improvement.


  2. Davebhai,

    What made u to exit where u exited the first short. ?We had very strong bar down .. this could be just pause before the next move begins..What was the thought process during trailing.?


    1. Bharatbhai

      Once it broke the BRN I expected it to move further down but price action sort of refused it. It signaled at that time that price was not getting accepted below BRN. Ideally once the level is broken, price should not enter back into the level. So decided to lock the profit quickly. If market proved me wrong, I could have entered again on BPB of BRN.