Monday, 8 December 2014

Followup on Make or Break Level

Today for Apollo Tyre there was a good trade setup on the break of significant level 235.75, below PDL 235.20 on BPB of PDL.  It went up to around 230.

For Adani Enterprise, per my chart it moved too fast breaking the significant level and PDL in the first candle and that first candle contained the rest of the day price action.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Make or Break Level for Very Short Term

Today while looking at the stock charts for last few days I could find these two stocks at the significant level which may act as a make or break level in the immediate future, at least on Monday.

For Adani Enterprise 455.6 level is working as a flip for last five days.

For Apollo Tyre 235.75 is acting as a flip for last five days.

I will post intraday charts for these two stocks on Monday and may try to analyze how could we trade this level using DP concepts.