Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Today I could find some spare time for the trading and did actually one trade with one lot in the morning session after a long break.  After booking it out, I was busy with my work and hence could not trade further.  I have added the trade book with the chart just to keep a record of.

Today Nifty opened full gap up breaking the all time high but got sold off and seemed to get support at BRN 9100.  Wanted to go long at BOF of BRN around 11 am.  Put the order to buy at 9116 at the flip.  It went up to 9115 and did not trigger.  Then it broke BRN on downside.  Went short at BPB of BRN.  Booked it at PDH without waiting for a second as I expected PDH to hold.  Done for the day.  No other trades.


  1. Daveji,

    Nice to see your trades. Hope you get time to trade regularly.


  2. Good to see your trade. Which charting tool you are using?

  3. Rup

    Thanks. I am using the charting tool provided by my broker, Ventura Securities.