Friday, 13 March 2015

13032015 & Survey

Today I could not trade due to some personal reasons.  It was a very good day to miss.

Please click here to take part in the very small survey about this blog and your overall opinion about the DP Trading system.

Also you can put your blog addresses if you are managing any blog related to DP Trading in the comment section.  I will try to share a link of that blog here.


  1. Daveji,

    I would like to convey these details to you.

    1) I am learning DP trading system for more than just a year.(In the survey sheet,I have mentioned "last 2 to 3 years".)

    2) I am spending around Rs.600 per month for internet. I don't spend anything for charting software or advisory services.

    Hope that these precise data will be more helpful in your survey.


  2. Dear Dave

    Good initiative, thanks a lot for good service.
    I feel a common chat room during market hours with seniors like you, can help the beginners.

    1. Raju

      Thanks. Please read this past post,
      It is really not possible for me to do anything else during live trading in the current situation. Trading requires lot of focus and attention and that is the key for the trading success. However, we might discuss the different ways to achieve what you are suggesting in the future.


  3. Hi daveji,
    I am practice DP method more than year..still practice it...

    If get live support from senior like you or ST sir its very good .

    I use DP method on crude oil also...around 3 months ...but not continue it...result is very good ..

    Thank you

    1. Vishal

      Please see my reply to Raju above.

      ST sir commented this few days back. Here it is "Nothing more to learn. keep practicing"



  4. You and Nirvana guy have opened a school of DP trading System, though none of you trade more than 25-50 quantity of Nifty.. Your Guru Nirvana has hardly made 35-40 points on 13th March in 220 points range day. Do not you think that You are teaching people a very wrong method, a method where one can not scale up to more than 100 quantity , a method where people have to glue to the screen for every 3 min candle,a method where there is always a guilt that Why did i not take entry here, why did i book so less profit here.. Grow up Guys.. How many years will u guys keep playing with chiller quantity and mislead people. First have a conviction to play with the significant amount which is required for the living, i.e minimum of 500 quantity, which can give u one Lac per month.. Once you think u can make one lakh a month then only teach people this method.. I want you to take this comment of mine seriously and open a new thread for this comment and then reply on that.. And also let other people share their views on this.

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t you have guts to mention your name after the comment? You want to talk “big” but fear so much to put your name there.
      School of DP trading? What is it? Look at the heading of the blog. It says, My Journal-Trading Decision Points. The blog is meant only to record the trades and put my thoughts there from time to time. I don’t restrict anyone and have never invited anyone to visit my blog. But, yet everyone is invited to read the blog and share their views. It is up to them what they want to read. Still "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging, get out"

      You are right, neither me nor my guru trade more than 25-50 quantity. I already wrote about the reason behind it earlier. Read it here again,
      For your knowledge, I also do not intend to trade more than that in the near future.

      Again for your knowledge, I have full trust in my method, skills and knowledge. I have full confidence that my method has an enduring edge. My earning, no matter how small it is, is giving me great boost everyday. It feels me great when others make me realize that now I stand tall as a successful in making money consistently where most of others trying to do the same fail miserably in the trading community. You have all the rights to disagree. Your method may be the greatest making you a fortune. Let it be with you.

      There is nothing in the blog that misleads people. There are no big, fake claims. Only the facts are there. Lately only the original trade book of the trades from the broker has been put there leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind. Who else does that? You should be rather fully cognizant of the fact that these guys are recording what they actually trade and whatever small penny they are able to extract from the market.

      Still, if any content in this blog or the blog itself misleads people and is doing harm than benefit, you or other readers can please draw my attention and give valid reason. It will be removed immediately from the public domain. I am not obliged to anyone to do the hard work of maintaining the blog.

      Why should I bother about others, what they can make, what not, how much they can make? I have nothing to do with that. What is your living requirement and needs is none of my business. I am fully aware of what I am doing, where I am and where I intend to reach in the future. I do not need your advice.

      Remember, I highly respect my guru, ST and Niftynirvana blog and whatever I am able to do today is only because of him. He is the one who took me from darkness to the light. I feel he is a great asset to the trading community in India. People always ask to Sachin Tendulkar, who trained you and made you so great batsman and he says proudly, Ramakant Achrekar.


    2. @ anonymous

      You have wanted to know the views of others. Here is mine. Your views are quoted within apostrophe and mine below them.

      1) 'none of you trade more than 25-50 quantity of Nifty.'

      When the percentage of wins is extremely good, loss is very less in losing trades, wins are big in winning trades - what is the big deal the about quantity?. If you have learnt this system correctly, you will win at the end of the day, regardless of how much you trade, proportionately ---- 25 or 2500. Can't understand why you bother so much abt quantity.

      2) 'Your Guru Nirvana has hardly made 35-40 points on 13th March in 220 points range day'

      I didn't check whether this statement is right or wrong. ST has made more than 100 points on many days. Why are you silent on that? Author of this blog has made more than 800 points in a month. Another relatively new trader to this method has also made 800 points in a month. Hope you comment on these as well. Why don't you look at the total picture, if you want to really know the efficacy of this method?

      3) 'Once you think u can make one lakh a month then only teach people this method.'

      Looks like you are following a system (or looking for a system), by means of which you earn more than a lakh per month. Other salient features of your system seem to be ----
      a) people don't have to glue to the screen for every 3 min candle,
      b) there is never a guilt that Why did i not take entry here, why did i book so less profit here.
      You will be doing a great service to the trading community, if you have the magnanimity to share it with one and all. You can do that by starting a blog, posting your trades daily and answering the questions of the needy, like ST and U.R.Dave do.

      Hope to hear from you.


    3. Hi Anon,

      I am not able to get the point, why you started this comment !!
      - Are you starting some Training/ Tips & want to get some attention of fellow readers to be your members/ blog readers?
      - Got some good points in recent Trend & assuming you cracked it & all other systems are rubbish?
      - or Tried this system with Big lots & couldn't get filled & concluded it for small lots?

      My Point,
      - URD & ST trade as per their Average daily Targets -10 pts, which is Good !
      - Who says every DP trader trades with 25-50 qty? You don't know everyone !! Process is same, but Qty varies as per everybody's risk appetite.
      - Is sticking to screen really required, if prices are not at DP. "ST spends more time in his balcony than at screen".
      - Has any Trader really captured all the moves from top to bottom? I know a lot many traders, who are consistently profitable weekly/ monthly, but were stuck opposite on 13th & got out at Breakeven in the end ! Are they bad or don't know trading?
      - DPs are nothing but Levels. Every Intraday trader has some levels as per their system - this or that- Higher TF, Trendline, Fibo or .... Trading there gives them edge. If anyone is trading without them Intraday, I am afraid, he is lying.
      - No system is perfect. Win Loss Size Ratio is more important. A system must provide you high probability setup, which DP trading provides..
      - Every trader & system keeps on improving, Hope, you also visited here for the same.. If you have any other good proven system, why don't you publish it here & have discussion on it also..

      Deven Malhotra

    4. I don’t want to argue or prove something. But I would like to clarify some points.
      People do not trade the markets, they trade their beliefs. These are my beliefs You may agree or disagree.

      1. There is no need to capture a lot of points to make money from markets. Making 5 points a day consistently is enough. Let us do some calculations. Capital 120000/- Risk 1% per trade 1200/- that is 12 points (10 points +2 points for commission). Position size 100 NF. We need to make 1200 points a year to make 100% return. That is 100 points a month and 5 points a trading day. Profit is more dependent on position size
      2. There are no separate markets for day traders and positionals. I do not subscribe to the view that a day traders cannot scale up beyond 100 NF. There will be certain issues of slippages which can be solved by right entry/exit tactics. Every method will have its own positives and negatives
      3. Day trading is a method which requires baby sitting. If we are not comfortable with this better go for something else. It all depends on our personality and comfort. Many people really enjoy this game.
      4. I do not teach anybody to trade. For me trading is something that we have to learn on our own by doing. I just share some concepts that I use and its practical applications.
      5. Trading is a skill and it is like an elite sport. People grow up slowly and steadily. Time is an important factor in this growth. No sane person will challenge Wladimir Klitschko after his first day in Gym.
      6. IMHO, a method should not be evaluated on the performance of a particular trader. It should be based on the effectiveness of the concepts used. I am only trying to show that concepts like DPs,Space,Critical mass and fluids work well in markets
      7. We all have our own limitations. Every batsman can’t be a Bradman or Sachin. Every trader can’t be a market wizard. So always I play the game within my limits and protect my psychological capital


    5. Sir, very well said. People may know the importance of time, hard work, risking money but in reality they just do not want to accept the challenges involved and go through the required process. They will just look for excuses.


    6. Dear UR Dave and ST,

      I mark discovering your blogs as important milestone in my trading journey
      Your blogs have made a huge impact in my trading and thinking.

      For past 3 years I have been going through all the retail crap (tips, indicators, back tested systems blah blah) and has been going through enormous financial pain and emotional pain without no hope of light. Although am not super trader, finally I discovered a proper working system that has an edge and that can be implemented from your blogs. Lately I am a break even trader and working on my psychology (re-reading Mark Douglas books for 3rd time). From your blogs I also learned about YTC and read his 6 volumes of books too.

      I owe you guys a big thank you, for your generosity and pointing the way and giving me enough confidence to believe that DP trading can be implemented and executed consistently chart after chart, day after day for past 2 to 3 years.

      If I have not discovered your blogs, I might have given up (as I was at the verge of financial break down and confidence break down) or it might have delayed for another 2 to 5 years of pain and suffering to reach this day on my own.

      Normally I comment on your blogs anonymously, but this time I have changed my mind as some idiot on the internet is speaking retarded crap about people who have saved me a ton of suffering.

      Now for dear anonymous coward,

      If the question is whether the method of DP trading has an edge? ABSOLUTELY YES.
      It has nothing to do with how ST or Dave trades, even if they go broke tomorrow by placing an outrageous bet still that doesn't invalidate the edge of the DP trading method.
      It has nothing todo with how many lots they trade or how much money they gross out, it's about consistency and percentage of ROI. Checkout their charts to know about their consistency.


      I know you should be a retail loser, yes I can read your mind, it's simple if you are worried too much about the outcome of a single hand instead of collection of trades, you are thinking like a retail loser. Stay humble you can learn to think like professional like ST / Dave don't display your ignorance and retail mindset in such an arrogant way.

      Since ST and Dave has never asked any one to trade their method, I just don't understand what's your problem?
      If you think the method has some problems well then don't follow it, if you are smart enough to improve on it ... then improve it (like ST adopted YTC for nifty).

      All you can do is be thankful or ignore the blogs but you have no rights/reason to accuse them for teaching wrong information.

  5. @ Anonymous ,
    Sir , why you are anonymous here , why hide your identity here ?

    one thing want to tell you , no one here misguide people .
    everyone have comman sense , people taking own decision not depends anyone here .
    about method - wrong or right people will decide , who are you telling this ?....who are you decide this ? if you think its wrong method just leave it ,ignore it
    tell us your right method ?

    i request to daveji ,
    please be positive , ST sir and you doing fabulous job .
    keep it up .

  6. @Anonymous,

    It is not a school. No one is forcing anyone to visit ST sir or Dave blog. If you are not interested don't visit. DP method has given me confidence about trading.
    Dave sir, ignore such people and continue your good work for the ppl who believe in DP method.

    Thank you


  7. ignore people and continue your work for the ppl who believe in DP method.

  8. URD, just a request.
    Please please don't get disheartened by these kind of people and stop the wonderful work you and ST sir is doing.
    We look forward to both of yours blog every evening for your posts. Please don't discontinue this.

  9. My Dear Anonymous,

    I myself traded DP's with 20 lots (1000 qty) for 3 months & net net gain is 200+ point per month.
    Any more doubts?

    1. Hello Rose,

      Nice to see your post... Where have you been so long? Why have you stopped your daily blog? I used to visit everyday...Please continue posting...

      Thank you