Thursday, 16 April 2015


Nifty opened today just above PDC and moved down.  In hindsight, I could spot two good trade setups though there were quite a few more.

One was in the morning, aggressive one, with-trend direct BO of PDL. I would say it aggressive because there was a very sharp fall at the fag end of day yesterday, so one would have expected some consolidation/range bound move (maybe between 8760 and 8800) in the morning session.

Second one was around 2:40 p.m., BOF of BRN 8700 which moved to the target area of Range High.


  1. Hi Dave,

    For first trade..My view is, those who missed the big fall must be waiting to short at any signal. particularly IR.

    Your second trade view is good. I did not catch this.

    I have created my blog and posted my first post. please comment on my second trade.


    1. Aris

      Creating a blog is a very good initiative. Wish you very good luck and success.

      I do not trade that way. I do not build up views or preferences and trade on that basis. I trade purely per ST sir's method, without any views, only concentrating on DPs and ranges.

      For your second trade I would say, at the time of your second trade, there was a probable range between 8670 and 8735-40 and you took trade in the middle of that range. I usually avoid trading in the middle of the range.