Friday, 8 May 2015


  1. Daveji,

    Excellent analysis. Thanks a lot.


  2. nice write up ...thanks. /..
    on days .. when I miss ST( Niftynirvana) 's update...your update gives me a nice feel ... though Im not a full time trader yet ...
    Im on the same boat as you ...

  3. SK and SM

    Thank you. Glad that you liked it. Successful trading is what we all strive to achieve. It is an endeavor in the same direction.


  4. Thanks a lot URD.
    Your analysis made so much sense. I was highly confused throughout the day. Was not able to read the behaviour of the market today.
    Thanks. Keep posting. You rock!

  5. Sunil

    It happens sometimes. We do not see what we are supposed to on the chart. I think more and more screen experience will help with that. Sometimes emotions play a big role in not thinking straight. It happens with everyone.

    It is the support and encouragement from all you blog readers that keep me posting.


  6. Excellent chart. Thank you for posting with good comments.

    1. Near #1, since there is room to BRN, would you not consider going long above the 1st green bar?

    2. I like the #3 trap signal especially after 4 touches of BRN. But the target not clear.

    3. Isn't #7 not considered a CT trade as the bias has been up all day?

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

  7. AHG Trader

    1. I do not jump into the position immediately. I would prefer to enter after the pullback in rising or falling market.
    2. In TRAP pattern, it usually breaks the earlier high/low. Here I expected it to break the Range HIgh/BRN and move forward.
    3. Yes. It is a CT reversal trade. But being it fag end of the day and Friday, we can expect the other traders to not carry forward their position into the weekend and hence some squaring off.


    1. Thank you for the detailed response. Appreciate it.

      In regards to your #1 comment, you want to wait to see what is the momo for the day before you enter a position. Is that what you mean?

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    2. AHG Trader

      First candle of the day was a BO candle, BO of PDH. Second and third candle continued the upward move. There was no pullback or consolidation after the BO candle. Only after third candle there was a pullback. I would prefer to enter after the pullback above the swing high, i.e. BPB setup. But by that time the swing high was very close to BRN (FTA). So would need to wait and see how the price behaves at BRN. That is it.

      I feel you need to study the DP trading concepts well. Spend some time going through all the posts or downloading ebooks from and study them well. If still any doubts about the concepts or anything, I would be happy to help you out.


    3. URD:
      Thank you for your response. Appreciate it.

      My current entry technique is to do what you mentioned which is wait for a mini swing high to form and take the entry when it breaks out (with enough room) as you rightly pointed out. But I have been investigating ways using Bar PA as 3 mins green bar can be interpreted is 1 min swing high taken out to try to reduce stop by not waiting for confirmation. Its a work in progress especially during the open hours when there is typically lot of momentum.

      Thank you for your kind offer to help though you already helped / continuing to help with all the good posts in your blog. When I started trading DP method last year, I read Nifty Nirvana, yours, niftyforbread and tradingblisspoints blogs. All very good blogs and super helpful traders. Those blogs / traders have helped tremendously to put me in a successful path forward.

      Thank you again for your offer to help and have a good evening.

  8. Replies
    1. Sudharshan

      Nifty spot charts are there. They now do not provide it for NF.