Sunday, 23 August 2015

First day of training program

Today there was a first session of "Hand-holding" training program.  I had the opportunity to meet with two very passionate traders, Shashank and Shailendra.  There were two others who showed their interest about the program but due to time constraints and other ongoing commitments could not join.  Shashank and Shailendra have been very keen about learning the trading.  They know the importance of proper training on the subject.  It was an introductory session and also to make sure the technical setup for the training is in perfect working condition, like webcam, mic etc.  After the brief introduction to each other, I gave them an overview on the main topics of this program and how likely this whole program is going to take shape and where the major emphasis will be.  Here I present to you the excerpts of our brief discussion on learning, especially the trading.

  • People don't know how to do trading but they indulge themselves into it. 
  • They know they need to learn everything in life right from the birth, starting from learning the mother tongue to schooling, college but here in trading, they think they do not need to learn it. 
  • Trading can be learned like we learn driving a car.
  • Once you have learned it properly, you will not feel a need to follow someone for trading.
  • When you follow someone, you know the move that is made but you will never know why that move was made and the reason and purpose behind that move.
  • There is nothing wrong in doing intraday trading.  There are lot of people around us who do daytrading, like milkman, vegetable vendor etc.
  • One needs to be very efficient in daytrading. 
  • Importance of learning from others' mistakes.  If you try to learn everything from your own mistakes, it will cost you a lot. 
 I will keep sharing some interesting excerpts of the program, which is going to be done very professionally, from time to time, in case you are interested in it.


  1. Awesome venture Dave Sir. Good luck, I am sure you will guide a lot of traders in the right direction.

  2. Looking forward to excerpts and snapshots of the entire journey :)

  3. Bhavir

    Thanks a lot. I will keep sharing the experiences.