Saturday, 15 August 2015

"Hand-holding" a training program on day-trading

As you all know, I have been writing and maintaining this blog for quite a long time. SMART Trader is the one who prompted me and encouraged me a lot to pursue blogging. Thank you sir. I learnt a lot through blogging. I had an opportunity to interact with other fellow traders. It helped me align and put my thoughts in one place. And last but not the least it helped me with my trading. Those who regularly blog would realize how difficult it is to maintain a blog, the kind of efforts it require in running a blog. Hats off to blog authors.

Through active blogging I also realized there are traders who strive success in trading. I tried to learn the shortcomings for them and came to know what they lack most is proper knowledge of the subject. The learning process had been improper or incomplete for them and that was the main reason for their struggle. I thought about helping them. I tried writing few posts, putting my knowledge about trading concepts, sharing my experience. I even tried to personally solve their queries through emails and blog comments. But that was not enough. It required more than that.

After discussing with other traders, friends and well-wishers I thought about designing a training program and leading it, to cater to day-trading needs in today’s world. Here I am putting my plan regarding the same in some detail. Please go through it if you find it interesting, and take one step forward in the direction of a real "Trading Independence" on this Independence Day.

The impact of training on trading and why it is essential for success
Isn’t it nice if there is someone helping you out in trading, understanding your problems and finding the way out to success, so that you do not have to spend years of frustration and disappointment? Won’t you be glad if there is someone out there to provide you practical, enjoyable, user-friendly and effective training on day trading?

I believe learning is the consistent and deep engagement of the mind and body in the active pursuit of knowledge and experience from birth to death. Learning is something that impacts nearly every facet of our existence every day. Trading is a serious business and so should be Trading education. Stock market is the place where if you come unprepared, without any proper knowledge and experience, you will be chopped off left, right and center. There is no mercy to untrained, novices. Not only you would lose financial capital but also the emotional capital. You need to be fully equipped with the knowledge and proper training. You need to learn the trading concepts and its practical application thoroughly so that you can put it into practice in any market, be it index, stocks, commodities, currency, anything. Traders who rely on buy/sell nifty trading systems or nifty tips or news and rumors will eventually lose. Believing in learning, acquiring the required knowledge, improving through practice under expert guidance is the key to success in the trading world.

The perception of people about trading and how hard it is to get properly trained
In India, the problem is most people don’t even think that trading can be learnt. They think it is a kind of gambling and would rather prefer to listen to a tipster and then act on the tips. But the fact is that the trading is an art which can be learnt, provided you have aptitude for it, enough courage, persistence and patience to carry it through. You won’t believe, in my city with the population of over 30 lacs, my search for a local good trainer yielded me nothing. I could not find someone who will sit with me, understand me, guide me and teach me the real trading. I had to look at other avenues like books, internet blogs and lastly luckily I found the great trainer, the author of blog, Nifty Nirvana, SMART trader. He took me to another world of looking at the markets. His knowledge about the market structure and trading concepts mesmerized me. I decided to dig deep into it and he helped me every possible way he could. SMART trader is really a great asset to the trading community. I am indebted to him and will remain. Now I feel it is my turn to share the knowledge and experience that I acquired over the years with you and help you to become a good successful trader.

Learning the trading and applying trading concepts
To become a successful trader, it is very important that you learn not only what the trading is but also learn how to apply that knowledge and gain something from that knowledge. You need to learn and understand the trading concepts very well before you actually apply them. A good teacher/trainer is very much required in the process of learning the trading. It is also required that a teacher dedicate the time, impart knowledge, understand the needs, and sharpen the skills. Self learning should be the last resort as it has its limits.

What role an experienced trader can play in developing you as a successful trader?
Only a trader understands the other traders’ needs. A role that an experienced trader plays in upbringing the other trader is immense. It expedites the process of learning and ability to read the markets, what to and when to expect from markets, how to remain disciplined and develop patience. Basically, how to actually dance on the tunes of Market. Through this training program you will find a trader/trainer with you when you need the most.

Process of training
The training process will be very structured. It will be designed in a very simple and lucid way so that even a common man with little or no background about stock market and day trading can understand the dynamics of the same. It will focus not only on the daytrading aspects of the trading but also will focus on the psychological issues which are very essential and need to be dealt with carefully. It will help you learn how to read, interpret and decode fear and greed in any market. Emphasis will be more on practical application of trading concepts rather than its theoretical counterpart. You will learn the system which has been tried and tested by a trader who is currently trading with the same system and has spent lot of money and time during this process. Now you will save your time and money by holding my hand.

About me as a trainer
Though I am yet to opt the trading as a fulltime career, I have enough experience trading different markets and different market phases. I have acquired most of the trading knowledge through my own trading experiences, mostly trial and error method. I would proudly say that I have successfully trained six batches of trainees in my company for a BPO process. Those training programs were designed, conducted and supervised by me. I hope this venture into the training on trading will also be successful in helping traders.

Training program overview
This program will be ideal for anyone who is looking to day trade Indian stock market. For other markets like currency, commodity I am sure you will be able to apply the knowledge acquired through this training program successfully. List of some of the main topics of training program here.

An overview on day-trading. Importance and the role the different timeframes play. Basic Market structure. Trend. Support and Resistance. Concept of Range and Decision Points and its role in day-trading. Different trading tactics. Trade identification and execution. Trade management. The Risks involved.
Likely duration will be one week.

Practical application of the concepts through mock trading and trade simulation.
Likely duration will be one week

Assessment of mock trades and discussion on further steps required and implementation of those steps.
Likely duration will be one week

Live trading and hand holding for one week for further improvement. So total duration will be approximately four weeks, i.e. one month.

This training program will be done online through web conferencing, a dedicated blog for this purpose, and a telephonic conversation/interaction, so you will not need to come out of comfort of your house. It will be in English language.

The timing of the program, commencement date will be mutually agreed upon. As it is done online we will have liberty to do it at any time and any period of time that is mutually agreed by all parties involved.

Finally, what it would cost
Email me at for details.

Stop wasting your hard-earned money and precious time. Trading success is not illusive. It can be achieved. Act now, right now before it is too late.

Email me at if you are interested in this training program or other queries.


  1. URD

    Gone through the post. Good initiative.
    This will definitely help the learner to reduce the learning curve atleast by half. Provided he is ready for that
    The problem comes when the learner does not have a minimum level of market knowledge and screen time to absorb what is being taught.Ultimately the teacher will end up with a bad name. I pray that you get good disciples

    I am happy that I could show you some useful concepts and you could absorb them well. Thank you for proving trading can be taught.
    All the best


    1. Thank you so much sir. Your words give me great energy and confidence. Few have shown their interest so far. I am really very excited for this new experience. I will try my level best, not to disappoint them. I hope I am able to deliver what I really intend to.


  2. Dear URD - Best wishes for your new initiative - you blog shows you will be great teacher -

  3. Raghu

    Thanks for your wishes. Will keep all blog readers updated about its progress.


  4. Hello all,

    Thank you for the tremendous response for this training program. I had been pretty busy today answering the queries through email about this program. I am very happy to announce that three enrollments have already been done.
    Just to update you on the training program, I would like to make it clear that registration for this program is open till Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015 as I am planning to commence the same latest by Sunday, 23 Aug 2015. Hurry up, I would be able to accommodate only a couple more on first come first serve basis.