Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mock trading example

Here is the example of mock trading session that was done as part of the Hand-holding program. Shashank was doing the simulation and he took the pain to record the session.  I thank you Shashank for putting the efforts.  Mock trading is the most important part of the program.  It allows to put into the practice the concepts that were learned without any damage to the account.  I think there is no other better way to teach someone this much efficiently.  How would you teach someone driving a car without actually letting him drive a car on the road.

Shashank is from Banglore and I am from Vadodara, but the technology played a big role in bringing us close together.  It was never felt that we are too far away.  In fact, I could sit with him and discuss everything that I wanted to.  This was actually the ultimate aim of starting this program.  I was able to sit with him, in fact both of them, Shashank and Shailender, help them learn the subject and understand it better, listen to their problems, and share my views and insight.  I sometimes wish I could have shortened my learning curve by learning this way.  It would have saved me at least three to four precious years of my life.

I have already announced a date for the next batch which is going to start tentatively from 20th Sep.  It requires lot of efforts to run such program.  It requires lot of time, focus and commitment.  I feel I may not be able to continue it for long.  As I have already announced it, I will stick to my commitment.  But it will be the final one for this year.  In new year, if I get some fresh energy I may think about it.

Here are two videos.  They are not small.  It would require lot of focus and time.  So be prepared for it before watching.  And don't forget the lesson,

Video 1:

For Video 2, click here

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  1. Great Stuff again. Thanks Shashank for recording and sharing this video. Awesome man !!
    Sunil Manohar

  2. Glad you liked it Sunil.
    Big thanks to Dave Sir, for being so liberal in sharing his knowledge.


  3. Dear Mr. Dave How u r moving candle by candle in historical Ichart for mock trading - Regards Chirag

    1. Using mouse wheel. Minimize the wheel sensitivity.