Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Nifty Future 02092015

Nifty opened gap up today but within previous day's range. Expected range-bound kind of price action in the morning as yesterday was kind of type 1 trending day. Took the short on BOF of DO/HOD then. Moved well.  Booked it around 7790. Later towards fag end took short on BPB of PDL. Expected it to test 7700, but it bounced from somewhere middle. Scratched it.

I would like to share with all of you that we have completed 10 days worth of training program.  It has been going on great and from tomorrow onward planning to start mock trading.  The main purpose behind this mock trading is to successfully implement the concepts and strategies learnt in the program and fine tune it.


  1. URD,

    Good to see ur chart, i found 3M charts are much clear and allowing early signals to trade.
    here are my paper trades using 5M NF charts from

  2. Thanks for the chart URD. I wish I could attend your training program but my timings are pretty weird. You are doing a great service to the trading community. Keep it up!
    Sunil Manohar

  3. Congrats URD, good luck with mock trading! Thanks for keeping us posted :)

  4. Dave ji, when you shorted on BPB of PDL, you took it below the red line (as marked), why not below the blue line as those were two previous lows ? How did you come to know that it will make a new third low before falling?

    1. Sourish

      It has to do with the concept of range and momentum. On previous attempt it established it as range and on third attempt it broke the range. After breaking the range low it pulled back only momentarily, so it showed some sort of strength in the direction of ongoing trend. So the trade was taken only as marked upon confirmation.


  5. Thanks a lot Sunil and Bhavir. It is possible only because of all your support.