Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Process—Completed.

I started my journey of learning the trading, if I remember correctly, in year 2010.  Then in year 2011 there was a show on trading education called Talking Techincals on ET Now.  I watched that show regularly and it helped me a lot to understand the dynamics of market and technicals as a whole.  I participated in the quiz which they were conducting during the show and in one episode Dr. C. K. Narayan, the technical analyst appreciated my efforts.  He said “you have the makings of very good technical analysis.” It boosted my confidence a lot.  Here is the link for that video.  It is an 8 min video, very short and if you want, you can watch it from 6 min onward.  I thank you doc for showing me the path of technical analysis.

After learning it some and experimenting it on the markets, later I got inspired by the blog called, Justnifty.  Trading the Nifty with mechanical kind of approach fascinated me.  So I decided to try the SAR system, stop and reverse, and followed the signals and traded the Nifty mechanically for some time, but I failed.  When I tried to analyze my failure, I realized the system was not for me.

I decided to move on and in my quest for a good, the ultimate trading system I stumbled upon the blog called, Nifty Nirvana.  The writings of ST Sir and his unique teaching style through the blog changed my life.  After the initial hiccups, I started learning the price action trading and the learning process went on smoothly.  I thank you ST Sir from bottom of my heart.  You did the real upbringing of a trader within me.

The story after that, I think, is very clear to all the regular blog readers.  I am not going to repeat it.  Once I got comfortable with the trading and started making some money consistently, I put some objectives in front of me.  Teaching someone was one of those objectives.  So I ventured into it, made the announcement on my blog, and met with two very passionate traders, great personalities, Shashank and Shailender.  They believed in learning the trading properly, they believed in me, trusted me, and they had a faith that this would turn out to be a very good experience.  They deposited the full fees in my bank account without asking me a single question in advance.  I thank both of you for believing in me and keeping a faith in me and being a good disciple. I hope I was able to deliver what I promised you and teach you the real day trading with DPs and ranges. Now the program is approaching the final week and I am very much confident that they will excel in trading as a career and make most out of it.

The process of becoming a good trader that started as learning the trading, I think now gets completed after teaching someone.  Though the time will only tell, the success or failure of it, I feel myself very blessed that I was able to gather the required knowledge, make use of it, and could pass on to others.

I thank you all for your support over the years.  Without the support of all of you, this could not have been possible.

To keep the tempo going, I take the opportunity to announce the date for the second batch for Hand-holding training program and that is 20th Sep, 2015. I have already made one enrollment for this batch, so hurry up if you are really interested.  I will be able to accommodate very few.

Wish you all good luck and happy trading.


  1. Thanks Dave Sir, for being so Liberal in sharing your knowledge. Personally I found a good human and a friend in you.
    There were many eye opening moments during this training period. Your attention to detail and mastery on Nuances is commendable.

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    1. Asok

      Sent you a mail with all the details about the program.


  3. URD
    absolutely awesome... Keep up the good work... All the very best...
    Do consider my queries too...


    1. TBP

      Thanks. Any time..
      All queries, suggestions, feedback are always welcome.


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