Monday, 5 October 2015


  1. On a day like this , I often used to feel, that 'market has made such a tremendous move & I have not made anything out of it'

    Now looking at your blog for today, I feel, it is perfectly ok, that such kind exists & its all in the game ...

    Without your blog, I would have felt & that Im too naive to do any trade ...
    With your blog , I feel , Im conversing with some one, who is practising similar DP strategy...

    thanks for your note today.

    1. Zen

      Thanks for kind words. As a successful trader, one needs to be consistent, consistent in thought process, initiating trades, managing trades, etc. That is the key for any successful trader trading with any xyz system.
      In DP system, we basically trade ranges and DPs. We will be able to trade such kind of trending days only if we enter very early into the trade, like first BPB of PDH trade or take some risk and enter on range high, like BPB of BRN. If you miss them somehow, it is always better not to regret and wait patiently for the next good setup.

      No loss day is considered to be a "very good day" by traders. So it was just a kind of no loss day today.


  2. Sir, you should have bought on breakout of intraday range and hold, now today it is closed to highs, so we may see tomorrow another GAP UP day +40 or so and might be same day like today...... I know it is very easy to comment after it happened. none the less noloss is good day....

  3. Sanjay

    Back to back type 1 trend days are very rare event.