Monday, 19 October 2015


  1. Hallo Sir,
    What criteria u consider when space is an issue from the entry point to FTA / Target ?

    Many time I have seen these type of situation where although market is in bullish tone because of yesterdays move
    but unable to go above IRH and make slight lower low than IRL and make BOF at NEW IRL and also fail to reach FTA / Target.

    So I had decided as a rule if space is less than 20 don't trade.

    Today also with similar situation avoided in buying at 11.57 Bar as BOF LOD as PDH was at 12 points away.



  2. Montu

    We need to consider trend/bias, DP, and few other things apart from space. If those things favor the trade, need to take a risk. Here what happened that after yesterday's vertical up move, it consolidated and it consolidated enough. At BOF of the range low, I thought that consolidation was over and it was ready for further up move. So it was an area where one would by at least risk. My initial target here was the FTA. If the prices reacted strongly there, I could have exited as a scratch.

    If you avoided that BOF, when it broke out above FTA/PDH, you could have entered then.


  3. Hello URD Sir,
    Your first trade was nice.
    The second trade was CT and entry without confirmation ? Did you exit at cost ??
    - Charles

    1. Charles

      It was not CT. It traded today in two ranges. First range was LOD to PDH and second range was PDH to HOD. I took the trade when I felt it was coming down from the second range to the first range. Yes, exited at 1 point of loss.