Sunday, 1 November 2015

Mentoring and Coaching

One on One Private Mentoring and Coaching Program

I am a full-time day trader and trade my own small account.  I believe the most effective way to become successful as a day trader is to learn directly from a professional day trader, mentor who has already made his mistakes and been through the struggle that one faces when starting out in day trading. Day trading does not need to be complicated.  Keeping it simple is the way to success in the markets, and a good mentor will make things plain and clear. Crystal clear.  You don’t need to know everything about day trading to succeed as a day trader. You need only to find a good strategy that works for YOU — then master it.  A good mentor will help you learn the tried and tested good strategy thoroughly, help you find your edge in trading, help you develop the essential trading skills, and make you mentally capable of trading. 

Something about me as your trading mentor:
If you are looking for an evidence whether your mentor really knows what he is talking about, whether he has a proven track record of at least three years with detailed records that explain his trading process, I would like you to be rest assured. I have kept a record of my trades and observations explaining the trading process through this blog since year 2012.  Just spend some time and browse this blog carefully.  I am sure it will take very little time for you to realize the rationale behind taking the trades, uniqueness of my trading style and genuineness of the trading process.

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Details on mentoring program:
The mentoring program is not like that I will show you some setups and tricks and ways to trade them. Never like that.  Rather I have tried to include each and every thing that a trader would require, right from learning the basic things to advanced topics, role of psychology in trading and how to handle the psychological issues, mastering the trade execution and trade management, setting up trading rules and way to efficiently follow them, how to follow the discipline and remain consistent, how to properly practice, how to design a trade plan and execute it, etc.

First I will start with the education part. Once you complete that, we will then start mentoring sessions.  We will spend time together on Google Hangout through video call and screen sharing on weekends and holidays.  By spending time together you will learn lot of new things and will be able to correct your mistakes.  We will have the ability to screen share and talk about specific setups, charts and things going on in the markets as well as do a lot of mock trading sessions. It is my experience that traders find the mock trading sessions very useful to learn the real price action based day trading.

After having spent quite a good amount of time together, once we both become confident that now you are ready to go live, you will start trading with me during market hours for some time.  Trading with me like this will take care of all the teething problems that the traders go through during their initial phase of trading.  Not only it will boost up your confidence and conviction as a trader, it will be possible for you to start making some money from trading.

Timing and duration of program:
Timing for the program will be very flexible and mutually agreed upon.  Since it will be done one on one and that is the only way to do, it requires lot of efforts and focus from my end to achieve the objective of the program. Also it would require you to be very sincere and honest and ready to learn and adopt the new skills.
Total duration of the program will vary from a trader to trader.  It all depends on how fast you are able to grasp the required things in trading.  Some traders find one month enough while some may require up to three months.  

The mentoring session is tailored to each individual so there are really no limitations as to the topics we can discuss or the direction the mentoring can go. 

The ultimate aim of the mentoring program is to make you independent and successful in day trading stocks, futures, options, commodities and currency. 

If you struggle with your trades, not sure what system to pick or strategy to adopt, not profitable, getting nervous before or after putting on a trade, getting frustrated with your failed attempts, or just don't know from where to start, then you are probably missing one piece of the puzzle to make it all work. Please allow me to guide you, show you and push you the right way to day trade any kind of markets or instrument. I will help you save countless of months or years so you don't have to have the same frustrations that I had when I first started and you won't have to experience the losses that I have encountered.

You can mail me at  to show your interest in this unique mentoring program and inquire about the availability of program, fees and other details.  Alternatively, you can also Click here to fill up the contact form if you want me to get back to you with all the details.


  1. Thanks a lot for all that you have Given URD.
    It's been really excellent interaction with you and learn DP system.
    I enjoyed a lot and could grasp the essence of DPs.
    The best part of the mentorship is that care that URD takes.
    He ensures that you know the system very well and able to trade on your with consistency.
    In trading mentorship is necessary as it clearly shown in the PnL Statement and difference to Armature trader to Professional trader.

    After a long time I found perfect Guru Shishya meaning, May be after my school. Thanks again for everything you offered to me.


  2. This mentoring programm helped me lot to understand about trading. After a long time i found a correct and systematic method of trading. To be a successful trader we should know how to control our losses and emotions. After that success will follow us. I learned those things from u sir.
    This mentoring gave me a confidence. Thanks URD sir for such a wonderful method and for your support.You r the inspiration to us.
    Successful trader should have a proper knowledge & execution skill. I can say proudly, now i have both its because of u URD sir. thanks for that.

  3. URD has been a great mentor to me. Under his guidance I learnt everything about the markets that I know of. HE helped me in realizing how the markets work and the types of markets there are i.e. trending markets and ranging markets. Moreover his system is so effective that it can trade well in all types of markets. It comprises of trending markets pattern called a BPB setup and a ranging markets pattern called BOF setup. URD has been a ideal mentor to me in making me understand how the markets differ from each other and making me understand Price action, trend, Pattern, Location. Range, Space and the concept of Risk reward. HE moreover made me understand the nuances of money management and market psychology which are as important as exit strategy in the markets. I would highly recommend URD mentoring course to anyone interested.


  4. I came across URD’s blog via internet search of Price Action, had some discussion with him and then enrolled for the course. [I had taken both video lessons and mentoring program]
    My views about this course:-
    - It is a very structured and detailed course touching upon various aspects of price action trading
    - The mentoring program is 1 on 1 and lot of doubts that exists, get cleared during these session
    - What is commendable that sir can make this customized as the students profile unlike a full class room training program

    URD sir is also a trader and it is really beneficial to learn directly from a trader with good proven track record. He took lot of efforts to explain the various methodologies and practical implementation of the same.

    I personally have derived good benefit from this course and thank him for his efforts and truthfulness.