Monday, 2 November 2015

Nifty Future 02112015

It opened just above PDL and soon started trading below PDL. Tried a short on BPB of PDL. Got stopped out. Then it seemed to remain in a narrow range.  Tried a short on BO of this range as prices were trading below PDL. Made few points in this trade.  Again took a short in the afternoon on BOF of Range High. This ended as a scratch.


  1. thanks Uday, tooks 1st and 3rd trade. Both scratched.

  2. a lackluster day as how I read it ...but it gives a feel , that there is a pause in the ongoing downtrend... may be its a reversal...only the time will tell ... .

  3. Hi Dave

    I did not traded today but I have posted on my blog, the hindsight view showing the trades I would have taken if I was trading on the day. Please guide me on the hindsight analysis. The link is given below: