Saturday, 19 December 2015

Origin of the Significant Price Move

Today I have made a "Tricks of the Trade" video on something about significance of an origin of the significant move.  It will be from now onwards called as OSM (origin of the significant move).  The concept of OSM deals with significant mismatch of supply and demand.  If there was a significant mismatch of supply and demand earlier at some level, when the prices revisit that level again, we can expect the mismatch again and hence some kind of favorable price move.  It can be applied to any chart, any timeframe.  It will work on daily chart as beautifully as it works on 3-minute chart.  I may explore the possible ways to trade using this concept in combination with the current DP system of trading in future.  Let me know your thoughts about it.


  1. Thanks for this video lesson on OSM concept. It gives a new perspective to supply and demand concept.