Friday, 29 January 2016


Today Nifty broke out of range compression that happened over the last two days in the form of double inside days.  After breaking out it traded in only one direction that is up resembling type 1 trend day, so not posted the chart.

Could spot two good trade setups in the evening session for Crude Oil as marked. The ongoing higher volatility is paying good for the traders.


  1. Dear Daveji

    Just in one point I missed the whole downtrend of the second trade in Crude Oil. As soon as I found the BOF of PDH, I shorted and placed my stop loss order at 2345 and got triggered in the next swing high. What is your suggestion - is it better to wait for the confirmation and short below the swing formation (or) can we short BOF PDH and place the stop loss after BRN 2350 ? Pls suggest.



  2. Veer

    DP trading is about acceptance and rejection of prices at DPs. Here you have to wait and see if prices are really unable to trade above PDH and getting rejected from the PDH. For that, wait for the retest, some consolidation. Here HOD was just below. I tried to short only when it gave confirmation that prices were trading below HOD, giving BOF of LOL HOD/PDH.


  3. Dear URD,

    Nice to see that your are trading CrudeM too. All the best !

    Shall we observe the Crude chart in 3-mins time frame too, just like NiftyFuture since, CrudeM trading is open from 10am to midinight and there would be much more noise than NF. Will 5-mins chart in CrudeM be easy to track and take decision ?

    Pls share your view.

    1. Sourish

      I am trading crude oil only in the evening session and I feel comfortable with the 3-min. I have not experimented with 5-min. You can do it and share your thoughts on that.