Sunday, 31 January 2016

About Me

Something about me

My name is U.R. Dave.  I am a full-time trader now.  I mainly day trade Nifty Future and Options, sometimes Bank Nifty and in the evening if I get time I trade MCX Crude Oil, Nickel and Silver using a 3-minute candlestick chart without any kind of indicators.  I am still a small trader, trading with either 5 lots of Nifty Future or 10 lots of Options.  My personal near term goal is to reach to the level where I can trade with at least 100 lots regularly in next few years.  My ultimate aim is to own a proprietary trading firm employing hundreds of traders from different parts of world.

My trading journey so far

I started my journey in the stock market in year 2003, if I remember correctly, when the FPOs of ONGC and IBP hit the market.  Initially I invested through IPOs only.  I am a science graduate, I do not know much about accounting and at that time I did not know any person doing investing or following market in the family, relatives, or friends. I had to learn the rules and regulations of the market on my own.

My journey was going very smooth as the market was moving in only one direction that was up.  Then the devil came in year 2008.  I lost lot of money trading in bear market and learned my lessons hard way.

After learning my lesson, I seriously started thinking about learning the trading and this was the time when real journey of learning the trading started in year 2010.  I started with learning conventional technical analysis.  After learning it some and experimenting it on the markets, later I got inspired by the blog called, Justnifty.  Trading the Nifty with mechanical kind of approach fascinated me.  So I decided to try the SAR system, stop and reverse, and followed the signals and traded the Nifty mechanically for some time, but I failed.  When I tried to analyse my failure, I realized the system was not for me.  I decided to move on and in my quest for a good, the ultimate trading system, I stumbled upon the blog called Nifty Nirvana. After the initial hiccups, I started learning the price action trading and the learning process went on smoothly.  I started applying the newly learned methods with my existing knowledge base and developed sort of my own style.  I learned that any method which is not based on the basic market behavior ignoring the reality of the dual auction process will fail to make money in the long run.  Profitable trading is very simple. Win one out of two trades and win more than the losing trade.

Something about this blog

I started blogging in year 2012. I mainly write about day trading and the trading concepts that I use. I regularly publish daily posts on my trades at end of the day and as readers say, they find it very beneficial in their learning.

If your passion is same as mine, i.e. the day trading, then please spread the word and keep visiting this blog regularly.

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  1. URD,

    My journey also exactly same.. except I started in 2008 .. The day I bought first stock.. market hit LC.. LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am sure this will help a lot of people stay motivated.