Thursday, 25 February 2016

This is how I look at it

This is how I look at the picture of wall tiles. Here every tile is like a range for me. There will be a range above the range and there will be a range below it, and prices will keep trading in those ranges.  Trending move is only a continuous breakout from one range to another.  That is the basic structure of the market for me. Here in this picture tiles are of same size.  In reality, in trading the only difference is that we will never know beforehand the size of the range.  But once the market reveals the size and character of the range, we can trade it with the help of DPs.

Share your thoughts about it.  I am very curious to know how exactly you looked at it?

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  1. Wow.. I was exactly pictured it X and Y axis with price and Date/time. the bricks are major support/Resistance on the chart.