Monday, 11 April 2016

Nifty Future 11042016

It traded in the range till noon time and after that exploded.  In morning there was a BOF of PDC but it took more time to trigger.  There was also direct BO on short side of the range low/LOD then as marked. After that it gave BOF of PDL and it moved up in a straight line. Then it consolidated a bit and gave an opportunity to buy at range low for the last move up beyond BRN 7700.


  1. Hi Uday,

    After such a big move up, should one look for a Buy or Sell after the consolidation? I was hesitant about the last Buy upwards as NF had already moved up quite a bit.

  2. Banafsha

    It had rested enough, was doing nothing for last few days, so it had all the energy to move with a vengeance.

    When the prices break out of multiday narrow range and the BO appears successful, we can expect larger move.