Friday, 13 May 2016

Big Picture for Nifty Future next week

This is Nifty Future 30-min chart to assess what is going on over the last few weeks. It is very much evident that it has been trading in ranges for last few weeks. The range 7800 (or today's low) -7940 that it traded in for majority of the last week is going to be a current range for early next week. Any successful breakout will take the prices into another range as marked, but it will prove to be a good breakout to trade, looking at the fluid.


  1. Hello Daveji,

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  2. Hi URD,
    What is topsteptrader? will you explain how it works?


    1. AKS

      Topsteptrader can help you get funded for the trading provided you prove your potential as a good trader. For that they ask for some fees, maybe around 10K. So in short, you pay them plus you prove your potential as a good trader in order to use their money to trade with certain conditions.

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