Friday, 1 July 2016


  1. Seems like a pro longed range around 5 hours, we can easily anticipate trend reversal.. Good trade sir.

    If possible please write one post on when we attemt confident counter trend trades.


  2. Hai URD sir,

    I am from Bangalore, From past 2 year i took trading as my profession (YTC method) results are good, Now planning to rent one office for peaceful trading (some Uncontrollable disturbances during trading in home) and also for my identity. Now thinking to start trading related business parallel to my trading, which trading related business is suitable?

    Please help any other professional traders.


    1. Amith

      It is a good idea to rent an office so that you can trade peacefully.
      For me, the trading is a business and if I am able to remain focused, put all my efforts and energy here, it is more than enough for me. So I would suggest you to stay focused to the trading only and try to excel. There is no need to do anything else. If you want and you have enough energy and stamina to last whole day, you can look to trade in MCX. You can also try to teach and help someone in trading.