Friday, 15 July 2016

Infosys 15072016

Once you know "The Art of Price Reading" It becomes lot more easier to trade without any worry or hesitation.  More importantly, you are able to find high probability trade setups.  Today's Infosys price action is the classic example of same.  Have a look at the chart,

You would make killing when prices respond like this and you are proved right.  It is more than 100 Rs move in few minutes, around 10%.  To catch such moves you don't need to listen to experts or analysts or any predication from traders. You just need to be aware.

In the video tutorial of "The Art of Price Reading" everything to potentially trade this setup is explained in detail with examples, like the reading the ranges correctly and how to read the news flow or event and what to anticipate out of, especially in case of shock or surprise.

Knowledge is a power.  Acquire it.


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