Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nifty Future 28072016

Expiry day.  It traded almost whole day in a barbed wire range around RN.  Made multiple attempts on range high (RH) to break it but failed.  It could break out of it only after BOF of range low (RL).

I would like to share with all of you an achievement of a DP trader.  His name is Sunil and he is a full time trader.  One fine day he contacted me and showed me his interest to learn the DP trading and I gave him an access to my DP trading video tutorial.  He believed in acquiring the knowledge.  He did all the required things and now he is able to trade full time with success.
All of you can interact with him through his blog,



  1. Thanks for sharing URD,
    I m zero in DP without you!
    I gain this in short period (only 7-8 months) still long way to go..


  2. Uday, Good trade at the end. I missed it as it was at the fag end of the day

  3. Thanx sir providing his website link

  4. Thanks URD for sharing Sunil's blog. Nice and clean blog. Will help us to learn or at the end of day rectify our mistakes.
    In future, I too dream of becoming a Full Time trader. Now watching live market and doing paper trades and at the EOD cross-checking with trades taken by you and other bloggers.


    1. Sourish

      You are on right track but keep in mind I also make lot of mistakes in trading. What you need to do is, try to look for the reason and rationale behind the setups and trades, and what you would prefer to do. You may like to act differently than others while trading.


  5. Dave,

    Hat's off to Sunil as most of us despite taking training do not put in that extra efforts that makes the difference between success and failure.