Saturday, 13 August 2016

Stick to your favorites

Lets say you are too much hungry and you have a thali in front of you full of different dishes.  What would you do now?  Would you eat what you like most or would you like to eat everything in the thali?

Similarly, lets say you are a trader, hungry for making lot of money and looking for setups.  What would you do?  Would you look for your favorite setup to trade or try to trade whatever the market offers you?

Understand, the food in the thali is meant for your hunger.  It is just there to feed you.  It does not matter which dish you eat more or less.  If you try to eat everything, you may not be able to digest it well and get sick.  Similarly, if you try to trade each and every setup it won't be good for your financial health.  You try a dish, it tastes good and you have it more.  Same way you can choose your favorite setup to trade, trade it, and as long as it keeps making money for you, you can continue to trade your favorite setup.  You just don't need to worry or bother about other setups or systems.


  1. Good one Uday nice way to correlate..

  2. Xcellent URD, What a nice example ! Making things simpler for newbies. Keep It Simple & Stupid. (KISS)