Friday, 19 August 2016

How I look at the price action during live trading hours

Here is the small video which I recorded live today and just uploaded it during the market hours. This is to demonstrate how I look at the prices, assess them and position myself for the trades.  If you find this way suitable to you, you may use it as a sort of template to work on that direction, or you may choose your own way to do that provided it is in right direction.  I also posted Premarket charts of Nifty and Bank Nifty in last two days, so with this video now you will be able to correlate those charts better.

Always remember, no matter how hard we try to do it properly, markets will always give us surprises. It will require developing an ability to constantly adapt to those surprises and align our thought process to those surprises, and this ability is what makes the difference between a good trader and not so good trader.

I have tried to include not only this, but each and every way I know to assess the price action and how to benefit from it in my Video Tutorial with such examples. It is an attempt towards providing quality education on successful day trading.

Click Here for Video


  1. Hi URD,

    Very good video, nicely explained.

  2. Sir,

    Is BOF trade possible at BRN(8700)?Though I tried but scratched later.

    1. Prakash

      Have a look at the NF chart that I just posted.