Friday, 9 September 2016

Feeling Proud

Education plays a significant role in our lives and for our career especially the trading career it is very much required.  We need to be well equipped with all the knowledge and skills, without which successful trading is not possible.  I feel sad when I hear from the traders that they lost so much of their money while trading, and feel even more sad when they tell me they did not do anything for learning the trading.  To help all those traders, as you all may know, I have been putting efforts from my side to educate traders on day trading with Price Action through this blog and mentoring.  I share honestly whatever I know or learn from the markets with all of you in my endeavor to make this long, tough, and lone journey comfortable for you.

Now today it gives me immense pleasure and proud to share with all of you that all those efforts towards educating traders are paying off greatly. One such great example is Shashank AKA xrtrader1.  He is a trader who was the first one to show his interest in learning the trading when I announced the training program last year.  We spent more than a month together discussing each and every aspect of trading.  Now today he is able to day trade successfully.  He believed in learning, got trained, worked hard, controlled his emotions, sharpened his skills, and ultimately conquered it. Today he could score in one day which other professional traders would find difficult to score even in one month.  Click here for his today's log.

Congratulations Shashank.  You have set a great example in front of the world showing what a great role proper education plays in trading.  You now have an edge in the markets and I wish you all the success.


  1. Congrats Shashank. All your hard work is paying off.

  2. Great xtrader..keep rocking..
    Thanks for ur efforts Dave..
    I Will join the professional crowd soon... Cheers

  3. Result of hard work and dedication.


  4. URD Ji,

    I am your ekalavya student :)
    Last month i could able to cross one of major hurdle... was able to manage office work, nifty and crude at same time and came out with flying colors by EOM.

    Whole credit goes to your selfless service of sharing knowledge.

    How i wish SMART Trader come back and see his efforts are getting paid very well now.

    1. Rose

      Glad to learn that. Congratulations on your success. If we stick to it and keep trying and put all the efforts in right direction, one day we will get success. No one can stop us.

      SMART Trader is like a big tree and we all are its branches.


  5. Wow Thanks Uday feel honored. Had it not been your guidance and support it would have been lot tougher,longer and More Crazier :-).

  6. Yes shashank deserves it.
    Every building needs strong foundation! Every baby needs mother hand to learn walk!!
    Here we are babies.. needs URD's (Mother) hand to learn DP otherwise it very very very tough to attain core knowledge.

    We con't learn any thing in this world without supporters/guiders/mentors

    For example me, i entered DP after ST sir quit his blogging, without URD support i cont imagine DP.

    Note : URD support in not enough for success!! trading needs strong hard work from our side also... URD guidance plus our hard work will definitely works.


    1. AKS

      Thanks for kind words. I do whatever is possible for me.

      Unfortunately, new traders don't believe in the learning process. They think it is very easy to trade and take it more as a gambling.

      It takes lot of time and hard work to develop and become a real trader. It is a long, lone and tough journey. We just need to help each other to make this journey short and comfortable.

  7. Dear URD,

    Glad to see your and your followers/students success. I started following ST and from there I came to your blog. I have observed your phenomenal journey and learnt from you. You transition to a full time trader and mentor was really inspirational.
    Hope your trading too is going quite strong. If possible share your experience as a FTT how it feels to not have a office, no boss, be at home, spent more time with family.

    1. Shub

      Thanks. I am also still a student. Will try to make a small post in near future about it if time permits.