Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Success of an Options trader

Happy Dussehra to all of you.

On this auspicious day it gives me immense pleasure to share with all of you a success of a trader.  He approached me few months back expressing his desire to learn day trading.  He sounded very serious about taking the trading as a business and making it a source of living.  He subscribed to the video tutorial and spent a good amount of time understanding and grasping the concepts discussed in the tutorial.  He later even requested me to spend time with him throughout the trading day to help understand the trade execution and trade management under the emotions of risk of real money.  I decided to help him and we interacted during market hours and remained in constant touch for month after another.  This whole exercise proved to be a great asset to him in learning and applying the concepts to the live markets. He even went on to share with me his financial ledger report for the month of September 2016 with the precondition that I will not share his personal details and keep it anonymous. So here I am sharing the same with all of you, hiding only the personal details.  Remember, it is not just few trades that are shared but a ledger for whole month.  In very rare case traders share their financial ledger like this revealing everything.
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He traded with only 1 Nifty option lot throughout the month and as you can see, he came out as a winner at the end of month.  He started the month with minus 3099 and ended the month with plus 920, so making the profit of Rs. 4019 per 1 Nifty option lot in a month.

By any standard, this is a great achievement.  This is great because only 3% of the traders who attempt trading eventually make money and very few of these 3% are able to make huge money like this.  Rs. 4019 is really very huge when we consider the capital required to trade one lot of Nifty option and its profit making capacity.  It comes to around 20% of return on capital per month.  With this kind of return one can just double the capital in 5 months, and furthermore this is just the start. Once you are in a habit of making money consistently, only sky is the limit for you, and I am sure with the kind of efforts and number of years (almost 10 years) that he has put in to achieve this success, he will not only be able to maintain this success but reach new heights in the future. I wish him all the luck.

If you want to take the day trading as a source of living and you are really very serious about it and ready to do everything possible to achieve success here, you can find me with you.

Take the decision of killing a "loser" demon in you this Dussehra.  You can drop me a mail to charttechnicals@gmail.com.

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  1. Great Initiation Uday. Hope many traders will benefit from this.