Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nifty Future 15112016

It opened full gap down and started falling.  Took first trade as BPB of BRN which moved very quickly.  Second trade was at BOF of Range High then which moved well too.  Third trade was again a short trade on direct BO of Range Low as marked by dotted line which also moved well.

It has been a month now since Sunil and Saurav joined me for live trading and mentoring during market hours.  I thank you both of you for keeping a faith in me and being a good disciple.


  1. I always thought its all about patterns..but after interacting with you, now its very clear to me , that its not about the patterns like bpb,bof..but its more about reading of price action and getting mentally prepared to execute trade plans well in advance.

    im always thankful to you for guiding me in the right direction :)

  2. Thanks for updating. Few Questions
    1. Where did u book the profit for 1st short? At 8500 exactly or u wait for the green bar?

    2. For failed breakout also where did you book profit ? Were you looking to book profit at that blue line?

    3. Around 1:33 there was a failed breakout. Why didn't u trade that?

    1. Varun

      I trade with multiple lots, so I look to book profits close to FTA, at targets or when in good profits. There are no fixed rules. It all depends on the feel and read of the markets at that time.

      Regarding 1:33 BOF, there was no pattern to allow for the entry.


  3. Nice trades Uday..