Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mentoring Works

Today I thought let me share my recent experience with all of you about the mentoring program that I conducted with Sunil, Saurav and Rekha.  I believe “when you have an honest desire to give back, mentoring is an obligation, a responsibility.  This is the only reason I put lot of efforts in that direction even after achieving what I ultimately wanted to achieve.

Profitable trading is hard.  It requires four times more effort than you expect.  You need to focus on mastering the basics. Without a solid foundation in core principles, trading mastery will be challenging.  Remember, learning how to trade is simple.  You can watch videos on YouTube here and there, can read books written by failed traders, and try to learn on your own doing trial and error method, jumping from one method to another.  After paying lot of tuition fees to the markets and spending years after years in frustration, one fine day you may realize it will never work that way.
Day trading is perceived to be the most difficult job in the world. As per data, only 3 to 5% of the traders who attempt day trading eventually get success here. To compete with professional and experienced traders and to get the success here, we have to be well knowledgeable, well skilled and well experienced.  We will never get success trading only with the patterns without understanding the context, internals, and the reasoning behind it.

Like other mentees, Sunil, Saurav and Rekha started the process with getting a basic education on trading and later to fine tune their thought process and put all the things together they decided to go for mentoring with me.  They wanted to day trade full time, for their living.  We started spending time together, not only during the market hours but also during the weekends.  We utilized this time period of almost 3 months to its fullest.  We discussed everything about the markets and day trading including reading market internals, stock options, finding good trade setups, handling emotions and lot more.

Now I feel very proud to say that like other traders they also benefited from the mentoring program very much.  In a very short span of time, after spending time with me they could transition from the phase of making losses to making small profits consistently.  This is a very big achievement for a trader.  Now no one will be able to stop them and they will trade for living for rest of their lives.  For most of traders, unfortunately trading success always remains an illusion.  I remember it took me more than 10 years to turn profitable consistently and this is what I don’t want other traders to go through.  I do my every bit to help others shorten this long, never ending frustrating period of finding success in the trading.

Mentoring program is a step toward helping you become financially independent.


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