Sunday, 5 February 2017

My Day Trading System In Brief

As you might be aware, I have been trading with DPs and price action based trading system for last many years.  I day trade mainly Nifty future and options, Bank Nifty future and options, stocks, stock future and options, and MCX commodities.

In this new year, I have freshly prepared a video tutorial called Champion Day Trader to help you learn day trading the most effective, convenient way.  You can get started on your path to a profitable, stress-free day trading lifestyle by subscribing to this video tutorial NOW.

Here I am sharing with you 4 videos from my Champion Day Trader video tutorial just to give an idea about the quality of the content, knowledge and experience that has been shared with you.  I have hand-picked these 4 videos such a way that it will give you a complete understanding of my trading system in brief.

Please go ahead and watch them to experience how easy it is to day trade with DP and price action based trading system.

Video 1 on basics of charting.

Video 2 on structure of the markets.

Video 3 on Decision Points.

Video 4 on BPB/BOF pattern.

If you are new to this trading system or you have watched these videos first time, you can now go through the hundreds of daily charts that have been posted in this blog and learn the successful application of subject on to the markets with the discipline, not only for few days but for days after days, weeks after weeks, months after months and years after years.

Subscribe to Champion Day Trader video tutorial and get immediate access to other videos of more than 900 minutes in duration and become a real, Champion Day Trader.



  1. SIR,
    I have doubt between Positive expectancy in trading system and Edge in trading system.
    what is the diff b/w those?


    1. Anon

      Frankly speaking, I don't give much importance to data or positive expectancy. Trading success is never dependent on the trading system. It all depends on us as a trader. You can make lot of money even with the less accurate, lets say 20% accurate trading system. You can still struggle to make money even with the 80% accurate system. So it all depends on you, HOW YOU TRADE. It is never related to the system and that is why finding the higher positive expectancy in the system is not going to work.

      Once you start to trade with any system, you will have to face the following situations again and again which has a lot of potential to harm you by making you angry, uncomfortable, depressed, frustrated etc. If you are well prepared, you understand your trading system well, pros and cons of trading and able to handle them well every time you take the trade, you will do well in trading no matter how bad the system is and once you start doing well, you can say that "I have an edge."
      1) False trade entry triggers.
      2) After your entry, prices not moving in your favor.
      3) You keep on looking for the setups but they do not appear and once you lose the focus, it happens.
      4) You wanted to take the trade on the setup, but let it go thinking it is not that good and it turns out to be good.
      5) You have missed a good trade and now you find it very difficult to wait patiently for the next one.
      6) Prices start to move only after you exit the trade.
      7) After hitting your SL, it starts to move in your favor.
      8) You wait for the prices to reach target to book out but prices reverse without reaching there and all the profit is lost.
      9) You book out in profit, feeling happy and prices continue to move in your favor much more, making you curse yourself, why did I book out?

      So learn the trading first, then the trading system and then how to handle yourself and your capital to get an edge in trading.


    2. Thank you so much sir.

      One more, Is yesterday's Long BPB of HOD at 1:06pm is as per the system or not?

    3. Yes, it is per the system.


  2. Hi Uday,

    how different is ur new videos than earlier one of Educational Blog & Art of price reading as u know which already I have subscribed

    1. Prakash

      I have updated most of the videos by recording them fresh as well as added new ones with lot more depth into the subject and attention to detail.