Monday, 6 March 2017

Nifty Future 06032017

Soon after the open, it gave a nice BPB of PDH setup which moved well.  After that it traded in the narrow range for long time.  Towards the fag end, gave another setup to go long which also reached the target.

Per the system, there were total 3 trade setups today as marked on the chart.  If you have understood properly the DP and PA trading system that I follow, you would be able to spot all 3 setups but might struggle to weed out mediocre kind of setups or with booking out.  Here, the Consistent Trader video tutorial will come to rescue.  Not only it will help spot good setups among the available ones with the unique grading system, it will also help you book out at proper targets in profit or exit with minimum loss when the trade does not move in favor.  As marked on the chart, the first trade was a very good setup, it scored maximum on the grading system, entered at 8953 and reached the target price of 8979.  It was possible to skip the CT short trade in afternoon as marked because it scored less on the grading system.  And finally the third trade setup again scored good, entered at 8967.5 and reached the target price of 8983. By consistently following the trade plan with the discipline like this as demonstrated in the Consistent Trader video tutorial, it was possible to make 40+ points per lot.  


  1. Hello URD,

    Today I did trade the 9000CE twice.

    Firstly right in the morning as the Nifty Future gave BPB of PDH. Bought at 89 and exited at 104

    Secondly, i traded the same from 90 to 102 when the Nifty Futures did a BOF of RN around 14:00 hours.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Is last trade is range middle? is it a good setup?

    1. Anon

      A good setup is a combination of trend, bias, location, pattern, price action, range, space, risk/reward etc.