Tuesday, 7 March 2017


  1. Hi,
    I respect you a lot. Hope my comments are taken in right spirit.
    I feel you are trying too hard to sell your material.
    Posting messages as anonymous then answering them.(in your previous charts)
    Pushing readers to take impulsive decision by giving deadlines.

    1. Anon

      Thanks for commenting. I never shy away from criticism. In past I have always responded to such comments in a positive way and this time also I will do the same. However, let me make it very clear, if someone is trying to bully me or send a wrong message then I will not spare.

      Frankly speaking I am very poor in marketing kind of things, so I don't know how to sell hard my material. Those who know me, will realize this. Deadline is required and there is a reason behind it because I am committed to answer and lend support for any queries and that requires spending time on it. If I don't have a luxury of time, how can I make it available for anyone at any time. There is a great deal of responsibility and time commitment involved.

      Someone may comment in future, regarding this comment also that I posted as anonymous to make benefit out of it. What to answer for that, please comment again and guide me so that I can answer for your comment on it.