Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Stock Trading 22032017

Today's snap shot of trades taken.  All were shorts.  If  I had taken the same position in the Futures, my profit today would have been like,

Justdial    582.5*1200   = 3900
Titan        455.25*1500 = 5400
Hindalco  192.9*3500  =  2275

Total profit:  11575  in less than 2 hours in the morning.

I also missed one good trade in Axis Bank.  There was a good reversal setup.  Long entry was possible at 494.5 for the target of 502 which got achieved.  If position was taken in Axis Bank Future, it was the trade of the day generating the profit of 9000.  If I add that to 11575, today's profit alone was more than 20,000.

I had placed the order but accidentally got canceled and missed the good trade.

This post is not like blowing trumpet to promote or sell anything.  It is just to demonstrate if things are learned properly, practiced and gained experience, one fine day you can too trade like this on your own.  Unfortunately, very few people understand this and stick to it working hard without losing patience.

I learned the price action, applied to the Nifty first, practiced a lot, then started trading with the minimum quantity.  Once got comfortable with it and conquered it, not only increased the trade quantity but explored other instruments like commodities, stocks, E-mini etc and found whatever I was able to learn and grasp, working everywhere beautifully. 


  1. This is amazing.. How you are able to identify the stocks in a span of 10 minutes?

    1. Sathish

      Thanks. That is what you need to focus on learning. How to??

      I offered my services to help all of you learn that. You need to ask yourself, are you really serious about learning or just looking for short cuts?