Thursday, 30 March 2017

Stock Trading 30032017

Took 2 long trades.  Both moved in favor a lot.  Havells tested the patience a lot and started moving only after my exit, made the high of 474.30.  Indiabulls Real Estate was a jackpot trade, it has made the high of 86.6 till now, have not yet booked out completely, holding some quantity still in the hopes of making big profit by end of the day.

Havells Futures made the profit of 1900
Ibrealest Futures made the profit of 8500.  Total = Rs. 10,400.

If someone has enough funds and wants to trade in stock futures like this in the morning session only, can contact me.


  1. I am working in night shift and have three years experience in trading but still breakeven trader. I have around 50000 capital and can I able to make money trading stocks as well as am I able to learn to spot trades. Thanks Jennifer.

    1. Jennifer

      That is what my objective is. Help you learn as well as earn while you learn.

      With 50K capital you should trade in cash stocks only. No futures or options.

  2. Hi Sir, I want to learn stock trading with your strategy. Please let me know what should i do.

    1. Sagar

      I will send you mail with details.