Friday, 28 April 2017

Become a Champion Stock Trader

If you are a trader or interested in trading for the very short term and need some helping hand, you can join me through my Telegram Channel, Champion Stock Trader and copy my trades. I follow price action trading concepts for my trades and my objective is to benefit from the short moves that the stocks make like 0.75% to 1%.  For the stocks, 1% of the move is nothing but for me it is a big gain.  Further more this kind of moves are very frequent and easily predictable.

Benefits of copying my trades:

  • It requires less than couple of hours of time commitment, Monday through Friday.  After 10:45  am or 11 o'clock, you are free to do anything you want and enjoy your life.  
  • You can trade as per your risk appetite.  You can even trade with the capital of 10000 or less.  Trading in stocks allows you to choose your own quantity.
  • You will develop trading discipline.  You will always enter and exit at pre-decided levels.  You will never bother about missing the trades, booking out early or losing on few trades.
  • You can also learn the trading in stocks so that down the line you can start trading on your own independently.  I will teach you each and everything of stock trading, the way I trade and manage my trades provided you have a desire to learn.  Till the time you make your decision of learning the trading, you can trade with me and develop the vital habits that a good trader requires, earn some money and build confidence in yourself as a trader.  Even after learning everything, following me for some time period will improve your confidence and conviction.  

If you have still any doubt about it, you can check out the trading performance of last few months by clicking here.

Understand the red flags:

  • You will be required to remain totally focused, remain in front of the screen during this short trading period of couple of hours.  You will also need to react fast.
  • You need to understand trading is the risky business.  Losses can and will occur.  There is no guarantee for success, no matter how hard we try.  If you want to enjoy profits, you have to have a capacity to bear for the losses. 
  • It is almost impossible to duplicate my trading performance 100%.  Yes, I don't want you to remain in la la land.  If you trade good with proper discipline, it may be possible for you to match around 70-80% of my performance.  For example if I am able to make lets say 1 lac, by following me and trying to copy my trades, you can expect to make around 70000 to 80000.  If you are really good in trading, you can even beat my performance and make much more than that.  It happens this way because sometimes you may miss few trades or sometimes markets may not allow you to enter at right price. Sometimes you may struggle to follow discipline and make some mistakes of entering prematurely or exiting prematurely or not managing your trade properly.  Don't worry about it.  You may begin your journey as novice but by spending time with me, you will surely improve and be able to match my performance.

I am ready to teach you how to trade successfully and even spend my precious time to help you trade and allow you to copy my trades so that you too can make some money.  Who else will do that?

Let's trade together.

Have a look at the kind of response that I have received from other fellow traders and this is really what gives me sense of achievement.  Making money from the markets is the secondary thing.


  1. Sir good work.

    How can you manage time for all these things?

    1. Thanks. I enjoy doing all these things, don't face any difficult at all.

      If your intentions are good, they speak for themselves.


  2. Pls let me know total course fees including your mentoring.

    1. Mail me to

  3. Hi URD,
    Glad to see you have started stock trading so successfully. I have learnt from you through your online course and am confident to say that trading now is so much easier and better.

    1. Thanks Yashraj. Very happy to learn that your trading got better.