Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nifty Future 12042017

There was no way to catch the rapid fall in morning.  After that it consolidated for some time.  Now here it presented a very good pressure play setup.  There was no hesitation at all to trade this powerful reversal pattern.  It moved as expected very well.

I have been trading stocks in morning hours with other traders.  They were prompted about the setups with targets and SL in advance.  They required to focus only on good trade execution.

Here I am sharing the results of stock trading this month so far.  Setups are easy to find and plenty, not much waiting for the targets and amazing results.

Total profit comes to Rs. 28285 for 1 lot of stock futures which is fantastic given only couple of hours of trading involved.


  1. Could we have Taken BOF of PDL ?

    1. Srinivas
      No. Markets will not keep moving that way. They move and rest. After the good move they will likely rest before moving again.

  2. Very good trading in stocks
    Within two hours of trade it's
    Just in seventh treading session
    What more can we expect..!!
    We all think about it
    Thank you so much for sharing..

    1. Rudramuni
      Next challenge is how to maximize gains from a winner. Today if the trade in Adani was held onto till it's day low, today's profit alone could have been Rs. 50000 plus.
      This is the real power of trading in Stocks.


  3. Yes agreed URD
    If we maintain tsl previous bar high of 117.20 it's possible
    We can book at 110.
    But it's easy to say in hindsight
    But practical l can understand how you handled the Sail it is really appreciated..
    Thank you..

  4. Good trade & post.... Your thought process" maximize on the winners " is an inspiring one ..