Wednesday, 26 April 2017


  1. Hi Uday,
    Appreciate for ur doing wonderful trades and helping others too.
    Just a query, why u exit these trades so fast, even if there are no indications of exit. For example in the DLF trade on 17th u could have existed at EOD with 50K more returns as it was a type 1 day .

    1. Manoj

      Thanks. This is special trading strategy to trade stocks in morning hours only. All trades are opened and closed before 11 am. Here I am just trying to capture around 0.75% of the move which is more than enough for us. In Nifty we trade whole day and able to capture 0.2% of move on average. So my reward is already around 4 times bigger and time involved is around 1 hour only. 90% of trades are done before 10:30 am.

      You can join me for few days if you want and evaluate it.