Thursday, 25 May 2017

Nifty Future 25052017

Expiry day.  Opened within previous day's range but was able to trade above PDC and then BRN. This indicated strength in buyers or in other words bullish bias. Then there was a good BPB of BRN setup.  Unfortunately, it did not move much and prices remained in narrow range for around 2 hours.  It then first tried to break the lower range extreme but failed.  You might have probably heard that a failed attempt to break one range extreme often leads to successful break of another range extreme.  You might have also heard that once the prices consolidate enough, they will be ready for the move.  You also might have heard that during expiry day, prices often move from BRN to RN or another BRN.  Plus there was a bullish bias with range forming higher than earlier range.  All these indicated to go for a direct BO ignoring PDH above.  This direct BO yielded around 100 points of gain.

One more observation I would like to share with all of you.  Lately, on expiry days it is observed that markets often make a final sizable move exactly after 3 pm.  Just wait for the clock to hit 3 and immediately after that it will give a good move.  I have marked an arrow on 3 pm move to illustrate my point.  It was around 40 point move.


  1. Thanks for explanation...

  2. Kudos, very few would have made this Possible today.