Thursday, 29 June 2017

Stock Future Trading June 2017

It gives me immense pleasure to share with all of you my performance of stock future trading for last 3 months in the morning session.  I traded with only 1 lot from market open to 11 am.  Few other traders also joined me in trading and were able to earn along with me following strict discipline while trading.

Analysis of 3 months of stock future trading:

Some of the key highlights:
Total number of trades taken: 102
Total profit: Rs. 1,46,746/-
Approx. expenses including brokerage, taxes: Rs. 18,246/-
Net profit:  Rs. 1,28,500/-
Profit making trades: 69
Loss making trades: 33
Accuracy:  68%
Risk to Reward Ratio:  1:2
Max loss per trade limited to:  Max Rs. 3000 since 1st June 2017.
Max profit in a single day: Rs. 15550
Max loss in a single day: Rs. 4250 since 1st June 2017.

My objective was to earn around Rs. 25K per month from this short term trading but with God's grace and all your wishes, it ended up giving more than Rs. 40K a month.

Area of further improvement:
Maximizing profit from winning trades.
Increasing lot size from 1 to 2 lots from 1st July.

Click here for the monthly excel sheets for more details.


  1. Congrats URD
    Good achievement. Jay also appreciate you.
    You have the ability to handle 4 lots a trade 2 lots not a big for you.
    Wish you all the best..!!

  2. Amazing results!! Keep it up. Our best wishes are always with such a genuine mentor and human.

  3. Good performance. congratulation.

  4. simply a stellar performance URD. My best for the days to come....keep rocking!

  5. Gr8, good achievement, good going