Sunday, 16 July 2017

Followup on stocks

In recent past I posted few stock charts with my analysis.  This post is just a follow up on that.

1) Hind Petro:  It was analyzed in post anticipating breakout.  It moved perfectly as expected and within two days reached target price of 390.  This is the power of anticipating breakout and getting much early into the trade.  Now if it starts to get accepted above 390, it can go much higher.

2) Lupin:  It was a sort of catching the falling knife, but it worked well.  Read here.  It also moved as expected and reached target.  Now the next level to watch is 1250 as marked on the chart, provided it is able to hold its recent low.

3) Reliance:  I analyzed this stock in detail in September last year.  Read it here.  At that time it was around 1100.  It did test the patience but once it started to move, it did not look back and now it is trading at 1533 and moving towards 1600.

This is the power of price action trading.  Once you learn it and master it, you will be able to trade not only for intraday gains but also for short and long term gains like this.  There will be no boundary or restrictions of trading like trading time frames or trading instruments. Trade any time frame, any instrument, any market in the world.

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  1. Good to see that you are exploring Price action in all the directions.